Magna Global: Publishers Starting To See The Real Programmatic

If 2013 was the year when publishers fretted that programmatic online ad sales would devalue their inventory, 2014 is starting out as the year of more measured appreciation of its offering, says one ad exec. “They’re wildly enthusiastic,” says Magna Global’s programmatic EVP and MD Neeraj Kochhar. “Publishers are finally beginning to appreciate the benefits […]


AOL’s Big Syndication Engine Now Powering Branded Content

AOL’s powerful syndication platform that drives over a billion monthly views, primarily of news and lifestyle video from publishers including the BBC, the Wall Street Journal and ESPN, is working closely with brands and their agencies to drive views for branded content, explains Frank Besteir0, VP of Development and Partnerships with AOL On,  in this […] Opens Its Doors To Native Advertising

The BBC is known for its editorial integrity and, at least in the UK, its aversion to advertising. These facts would seem to make an embrace of the current “native advertising” trend difficult. But that’s just what BBC Worldwide, the corporation’s international, revenue-making arm, is doing. “We have a native advertising program, we’ve had a […]


Guardian Preparing To Go Fully “Responsive”

The Guardian will soon overhaul its website to ensure ads, as well as editorial, adapt to work across the multitude of devices consumers use. The publisher first launched a “responsive design” site in 2012 – a tactic a growing number of operators are using to guarantee pages can render flexibly across different screen sizes. But The […]


Programmatic Helps the Weather Company Manage Unexpected Demand

While the Weather Company routinely sells out its video inventory to advertisers, big weather events, like the recent deep freeze in the United States, create demand and opportunities which can be effectively monetized using a programmatic solutions, says Curt Hecht, Global Chief Revenue Officer of the Weather Company in this interview with Beet.TV The Weather […]


Vevo Warming To Premium Programmatic Plumbing

Vevo still hasn’t completely settled on what it can get out of so-called “programmatic” online ad sales, but it is heartened that technology vendors are no longer just catering to cheap ad slots. “(Programmatic) inventory is typically lower-tier, lower-quality inventory,” the music video distributor’s chief revenue officer Jonathan Carson tells Beet.TV. “That marketplace is not […]


AOL’s Lord: Optimization Trumps Reach For Advertisers

Old, TV-style ad measurement metrics are becoming vogue in the data-driven world of online advertising. But AOL Networks CEO Bob Lord says ads measured for audience reach don’t work as well alternatives. “As we move in to the ability to buy at an impression level …  you start to really question the GRP (gross rating […] CEO: We are “fighting ad fraud until it disappears”

Non-human traffic was recently described as programmatic advertising’s “dirty little secret“. Integral Ad Science reckons nearly a third of impressions to be suspicious – up six-fold since 2011, according to comScore (via Adotas). AOL’s programmatic video ad tech platform wants to nip the problem in the bud. “We are fighting fraud that is generated by […]


BBC’s Bowman: A Third of Digital Inventory in U.S. Sold Programmatically

The use of programmatic to sell display inventory for the has been dramatically rising, accounting for about a third of sales in the U.S., says Tom Bowman, Vice President of Strategy & Operations for Global Advertising Sales for the BBC Worldwide, in this interview with Beet.TV We spoke with the London-based executive  at Worldwide […]


Programmatic Brings “Singularity” to Ad Marketplace, AOL’s Tim Armstrong

Automation is allowing advertisers to find the consumers that are important to them while publishers are offering up targeted consumers in an emerging scenario which AOL CEO Tim Armstrong frames as “singularity.” We spoke with him yesterday at the Worldwide Publisher Conference about the growth of automated buying, the global expansion of and […]


The Guardian Inks Pact With AOL’s Unit for Private Video Exchange

U.K. publisher The Guardian has an agreement with video ad tech provider for a platform to sell video inventory to select advertisers in an automated, private exchange, explains Tim Gentry, Revenue Director of the Guardian in this interview with Beet.TV He explains the value of such a platform for the publisher which produces a […]