Today, super-automated and -targeted ad buying dubbed “programmatic” is mostly  brought to bear on straightforward display ads in standard formats. So, with engaging new devices demanding new-wave interactive ad formats, will programmatic reach this new area?

“Technology will catch up to the creative,” Real Media Group president Nicolle Pangis tells Beet.TV. “We’ve seen it in display, mobile, video – now they can all be bought programmatically.

“Some of the really compelling creatives cannot be bought programmatically – yet. Over time, I believe technology will catch up and be able to do less standard formats that are super-engaging.

“It will happen. Everything addressable will become programmatic. It’s just a matter of time.”

Pangis says the merger in Group M of data unit Xaxis with her Real Media “brings together the demand side with the supply side”.

Pangis was interviewed by Furious Minds CEO Ashley Swartz at Beet.TV’s TV Programmatic Summit, hosted at Xaxis and presented by Videology.