Marketers must mix the best of both left and right brains to make for the best execution, panelists said at Beet.TV’s summit on cross-platform monetization hosted by Starcom MediaVest Group and sponsored by Dailymotion.

Asked by moderator Ashley Swartz of Furious Minds whether marketers are using quantitative or qualitative methods to judge campaigns, guests emphatically said: both!

“CMOs are trying to be more quantitative – but they’re also forced to be short-term,” Nielsen’s digital client services SVP Andrew Feigenson said.

“They always talk about the average life expectancy of a CMO. The  moment the brand is not resonating, the CMO also has a problem, because the CEO is going to pick up on that. There has to be a qualitative/quantitative balance.”

Forrester principal analyst Jim Nail echoed: “That idea that there has to be a binary decision is exactly what keeps us stuck in this period. There’s a lot of stumbling around. We haven’t broken the old models. It’s a much more complex world – we’re going to have another two to three years of random experimentation until we find that new formula.”

And Starcom USA investment and activation president Amanda Richman said marketers are still using the “funnel” approach to assessing campaigns:

This is an exciting time because of the mix of art and science. There are many more formats we can start developing beyond 15- and 30-(second ads)  – pushing more in to 6-second and shorter-form, but also long-form.”

Watch the full video for more of their lively discussion.