Rightster Bags New Content Deals After IPO

LONDON — Video distribution outfit Rightster is targeting growth through acquisition and platform investment using some of the money it earned by becoming the first YouTube multi-channel network (MCN) to go public last month. The UK-based company raised £20.4 million ($36.7 million) by floating on London’s AIM market and has already started pumping that market […]


‘Huge Focus On Video’ In 2014 For Newly-Merged Xaxis, 24/7

LONDON — 2014 looks like being an even bigger year in video for Group M’s Xaxis data targeting unit. Group M parent WPP last week announced it would merge stablemate 24/7 Media’s collection of publisher-side technologies in to Xaxis to cater to an ad market seeing publishers and advertisers dealing with each other, cutting out […]


Xaxis’ Schlickum: Marketers Must Use Data To Tell Stories

LONDON — The rise of super-targeted “programmatic” online ad buying may be cast as the rise of “Maths Men” over “Mad Men” – but one ad exec says marketers should refocus on using the new wealth of numbers to tell traditional creative stories. “The language we’ve created for our industry is very difficult for most […]


Video’s Programmatic Flip Is In The Bidded Switch

LONDON — For all the talk about the collection of online ad buying processes come to be known as “programmatic”, two ad execs suggest the real definition of the method depends on pricing architecture, not technical approach. Videology global accounts SVP Jana Eisensten tells Beet.TV bidded, as opposed to fixed-price, sales embody a greater variant […]


Nielsen’s Bradford: Programmatic Will Become “Victim Of Its Success”

LONDON — The new-wave automated decisioning for digital ad spending has come a long way in the last two years. But is the party about to end? “As programmatic increases in its success, as it really ramps up, it will become a slight victim of its success – some of those things that it’s subordinated […]


Unruly’s Townend: Human Emotion Can Turbocharge Programmatic

LONDON — In the rise of programmatic advertising’s “Maths Men“, the ad industry is overlooking the importance of creatives that turn on real emotions, says a viral video expert. Social media video agency Unruly Media has been building a data set quantifying the emotional response characteristics to video rather than categorizing responses by demographic fields, […]


Nielsen’s Bradford: TV & Online Measurement Are Coming Together

LONDON — One medium has long relied on imprecise, demographic viewer measuring; the other boasts super-detailed data-driven insight. But TV and internet channels are learning to hybridize the ways they quantify advertising audiences, one exec says. Nielsen media client consulting VP Andrew Bradford tells Beet.TV how TV joint industry committees in Germany and the UK […]


Responsive Design Is Key To Cross-Platform Advertising

LONDON — The proliferating number of media screens means advertising  campaigns now have to be conceived across channels – but technology vendors can help ease the pain, a panel of ad execs agrees. “We should be talking about the whole multi-screen element,” GroupM digital director Krishan Patel tells Beet.TV… “being able to target campaigns holistically […]


GroupM’s Patel: Programmatic Needs Cross-Platform Creative To Soar

LONDON — The extent to which video advertising is sold using automated, “programmatic” method is booming. But one top ad exec tells Beet.TV of two key pieces that still need solving. “For the creative agencies, there’s a massive education piece to be done around programmatic,” GroupM digital media director Krishan Patel says. “The storytelling element is […]


Videology’s Eisenstein: Ad Nets Must Do More On Brand Safety

LONDON — The rise of video-on-demand means ad networks must step up and create environments where brands feel safe advertising, says one video ad tech exec. “Ad networks have a need to stay abreast of what technology is requiring,” global accounts SVP Jana Eisenstein of Videology tells Beet.TV. “Advertisers’ primary concern for VOD is brand safety […]


IAB UK’s Chester: Industry Must Calm Marketers’ Programmatic Fears

LONDON —  Advertiser interest in programmatic is growing, but more work needs to be done to better describe and allay fears over the phenomenon, says an exec representing both buy- and sell-side. The make-up of attendees to an Internet Advertising Bureau UK conference on the topic has gone up from 10% advertisers last year to […]


Video Ad Formats ‘Still Not Suited To Multi-Platform’

LONDON — The industry is still not configured to easily producing online advertising that works across digital screens, a panel convened by Beet.TV agrees. Unlike Scandinavia, where 90 percent of pre-roll ads last a mobile-friendly 12 to 15 seconds, most UK pre-rolls are dumped from existing 30-second TV spots, sports video firm Perform Group’s UK […]


GroupM’s Patel: Video Scarcity Makes Ad Exchanges Unnecessary

LONDON — The rise of automated, “programmatic” ad sales methods means premium publishers may not need to use conventional ad networks anymore, GroupM’s digital media director Krishan Patel. “The level of adoption in display is a lot more given we’re in an environment of oversupply,” Patel says. “In a scarce market such as VOD, do premium […]


Xaxis’ Bidon: Programmatic Has Nothing To Do With Pricing

LONDON — Many brands and publishers think so-called “programmatic” online ad sales mechanisms excel at cheap ad inventory. But times could be changing – and so they should, says one GroupM data exec. “At the beginning, programmatic started more from a performance background,” GroupM’s Xaxis UK MD Nicolas Bidon tells Beet.TV. “It was associated, rightly […]


Videology’s McLachlan: Programmatic On Broadcasters’ Agenda

LONDON — It feels like we have only just begun to see the emergence of the highly-efficiency “programmatic” online ad sales mechanism in pictorial display and in video. Next up, traditional linear TV could be reinvented by the technology. “It can absolutely be done today,” video ad tech firm Videology‘s global TV strategy head Rhys […]


Video Ad Networks Must Become Unique To Survive

LONDON — The rise of advanced data-driven and otherwise “programmatic” online advertising sales processes is challenging traditional ad networks to step up and defend their place in the future, a Beet.TV panel of industry execs agrees. “For the development of video as a legitimate channel, they were a necessity,” Videology’s global TV strategy head Rhys […]


Perform’s Wilson: Programmatic Brings New Advertisers

LONDON — We have heard plenty this year on how so-called “programmatic”, data-driven ad spending is revolutionising advertising efficiency. But how does this new method complement traditional video ad sales? Jamie Wilson, the UK sales MD of the large online sports video outfit Perform Group, suggests programmatic drives incremental performance on the margins. “I see […]


Guardian’s Gentry: Programmatic Can Be Best For Video

LONDON — A year that started with lingering suspicion from publishers that programmatic ad selling would devalue their inventory is ending with far wider premium publisher acceptance of this collection of technologies. News Corp and The New York Times are now selling in this way, and The Guardian, too, has launched its own Response+ trading […]


The Guardian Now More Popular In US Than UK

LONDON — It started out as The Manchester Guardian in 1821 and had since become a national newspaper. But, this fall, The Guardian crossed another geographical rubicon – it became more popular in the US than its native UK. “Since we moved to theguardian.com, the US audience is bigger than the UK audience,” Guardian News […]


Unruly’s Townend: Programmatic Ads Must Embrace Emotion

LONDON — So-called “programmatic” buying and selling of online ads may super-target highly efficient inventory – but that doesn’t mean algorithms really understand consumers’ emotions, says one ad exec. “The programmatic landscape is very obsessed with ‘who’ and ‘what’; it’s not looking at ‘why’,” Phil Townend, EMEA MD of viral video monitor Unruly Media, tells beet.TV, […]

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