SpotX CEO Shehan On OTT Growth & Challenges

COLOGNE — SpotX has come a long way since its launch more than a decade ago. Just ask Mike Shehan. He co-founded the company as a self-serve off-shoot of another company he was at. Acquired by European broadcast group RTL in full last year, now Shehan is speaking from a vantage point at which he […]


SpotX Readies Expansion to Asia

LAS VEGAS — The last couple of years were pretty big ones for digital video supply-side advertising platform and programmatic marketplace SpotX. In July 2014, the big European broadcaster RTL Group acquired a controlling interest in the company. Then, last year, the outfit rebranded from its former name, SpotXchange, as it gained traction in Europe thanks to […]


Publishers Can Make More From Private Marketplaces: SpotX CEO

COLOGNE — Many top-tier publishers used to be skeptical about the so-called “programmatic” advertising trading technology. Time was, “programmatic” meant selling off unsold inventory for pocket change in real-time. But things are changing, according to one boss of a programmatic ad tech platform. “We’ve seen premium publishers start to launch private marketplaces” says SpotX CEO […]


SpotX CEO Sees TV Opportunity In FreeWheel Integration

COLOGNE — Recently-rebranded online video advertising platform SpotX reckons it will get more access to premium broadcasters and publishers from a new partnership with its peer FreeWheel. FreeWheel has opened its Preferred Partners Initiative for supply-side platforms (SSPs). That builds on its existing partner integrations by allowing its customers to tap in to new sources of advertising supply. and […]


“SSP’s and Ad Servers Will be Dead in Two Years,” SpotXchange’s Mike Shehan

PHOENIX – The digital adtech  sectors of supply side platforms (SSP’s) and ad servers will be dead in two years as publishers and advertisers will demand an integrated offering, says Mike Shehan, CEO of SpotXchange, in this interview with Beet.TV Shehan’s SpotXchange has been known as video advertising SSP, has made the move to incorporating […]


SpotXchange’s Shehan on Sale to RTL, Global Expansion and the Future of Programmatic TV

LAS VEGAS — Programmatic video ad trading platform SpotXchange sold a majority of itself to German broadcast holding group RTL because it wants a bigger slice of a legacy TV industry.. “Europe is a really big market – it’s really challenging in each and every country,” CEO Mike Shehan tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “For […]


Publishers Rapidly Adopting Programmatic Ad Sales: SpotXchange’s Shehan

CANNES, France — So-called “programmatic” techniques for controlling and automating online ad trading came in to this world in low-quality ad inventory. But now even top-tier publishers are becoming happy to sell their ads in this way. “Three years ago, they would have never worked with a SpotXchange – today they are,” says the ad […]


SpotXchange Tops comScore Video Ad Rankings

SpotXchange, the Denver-based video advertising platform, served nearly 3.5 billion ads in January, making it the biggest video ad platform, according to comScore. Follows is a statement from Mike Shehan, CEO on milestone and the company’s growth: “The SpotXchange business is growing fast and that ultimately means we’re serving more ads than ever before. Programmatic […]


SpotXchange CEO: Publishers Forced To Please Ad Buyers With Programmatic

NAPA, Ca — Until lately, many premium publishers had frowned on the rise of automated online ad buying that they feared drove down the cost of their ad space. Now the likes of News Corp and New York Times are themselves launching programmatic sales operations. Online video tech firm SpotXchange‘s CEO Mike Shehan tells Beet.TV […]


Ascension of Programmatic Advertising Demands More Industry Understanding, SpotXchange’s Shehan

One of the challenges for premium publishers in programmatic buying is navigating the complexity of the buy side of the ecosystem, says Mike Shehan, CEO and Founder of SpotXchange in this video segment with industry analyst Joanna O’Connell. “There are direct buys and direct sales, and traditional ad servers are excellent for servicing those. Then […]