SAN FRANCISCO — YouTube rival Dailymotion may commonly be thought of as a French video site – but that hasn’t stopped it hiring a Silicon Valley development team to build its recently-launched Vine competitor.

“Mobile’s been a huge focus for us,” north America GM Roland Hamilton tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “We just expanded our office here in Palo Alto and have mobile developers working on the latest application we launched, which is Dailymotion Camera.”

Dailymotion released the mobile recording and upload earlier this summer. Unlike Vine or Instagram’s recently-added video feature, Hamilton says Dailymotion’s has no upload limit.

“It’s really easy,” he says. “From a novice to a more experienced filmmaker can use this to unleash the power of their mobile device in video. Amateur filmmakers or this emerging creative class of folks, it’s going to offer them to share on the Dailymotion platform but also in to other social media.”

Dailymotion’s bigger forebear YouTube also has a mobile capture and upload app. Now two of the internet’s biggest video services have separate avenues for capture and consumption.

We interviewed Hamilton at the Beet.TV networking event in San Francisco which was co-sponsored by Dailymotion.