CHICAGO — Online private ad marketplaces are a boon for ad-selling publishers, despite what some think, according to the CEO of video at tech firm TubeMogul.

In this taped interview at Beet.TV’s programmatic video advertising summit, Brett Wilson said the marketplaces have created a new layer of mid-tier pricing: “You had your premium tier – where your direct sales force would sell $15-to$30 CPMs – and … then you’d have the bottom of the pyramid – $4 to $5 – you’re selling to ad networks.

“(Now) there’s this other level of pricing for a publisher that’s above remnant. For publishers, it can be a great thing – they can reduce their sales costs, they learn a lot, they can see who’s buying. this is why you’re seeing a lot more inventory become available – because it is working for publishers.”

Wilson was interviewed by Furious Minds CEO Ashley J. Swartz.

Disclaimer: TubeMogul sponsored the summit on programmatic buying at VivaKi