AOL is registering rapid growth in video views, now ranked second to YouTube in monthly views according to comScore, thanks in large part to the editorial “DNA” of putting videos in nearly all stories, says Ran Harnevo, SVP for Video at AOL, in this interview with Beet.TV recorded at the Digitas NewFront event.

He says that video views of AOL videos on its properties have increased tenfold in eighteen months. He explains how Huffington Post editors pull videos into each story directly through the publisher’s CMS.

In this wide-ranging interview, Harnevo speaks about the strategy at AOL around its new slate of shows, alliances with Nielsen, Mediaocean and FreeWheel and the opportunities for publishers to monetize Web video.

This recent article notes that, despite light earnings this quarter, ad sales and revenue are where they should be.

Disclaimer: AOL On sponsored Beet.TV’s coverage of the Digitas NewFronts event.