Honesty, transparency and authenticity are the new trends in advertising, says Lincoln Bjorkman, chief creative officer of Digitas North America, during an interview with Beet.TV at the Digitas NewFront 2013 in New York.

“We’re finding for all brands, yes, you can navigate legal; you can navigate budgets; you can navigate all the different things in your organization out in the world; and you can do something special, you can do something meaningful, and what it leads to is what we all want: authenticity,” says Bjorkman.

Bjorkman says he sees greater transparency and communication between CMOs and consumers. “They’ve got this huge suite of tools and power and whack they can bring to bear, and they’re doing what we’re all doing – they’re trying to use it properly, manage their budgets and everything else. But, boy, when they hit it, they know it. And if they miss, they’ll call it and they’ll call it publicly, which is new.”

“There’s a lot more people acknowledging hubris, acknowledging a mistake. I love that.”

Interviewing Bjorkman  is Karen Cahn, general manager of AOL On Original Video.