Audio Content Recognition (ACR) software*,  which synchronizes TV watching with a tablet or mobile device, will “change the world,” says Lou Paskalis,Vice President, Global Media, Content Development and Mobile Marketing at American Express, in this wide-ranging interview with Beet.TV

He explains that ACR will provide  brands with a full “sixty minutes” to market to an audience, not just during the commercial breaks offered during the show.

In this video interview, taped at the Digitas NewFront event on Thursday in Manhattan, Paskalis addresses the opportunities and challenges for brands  to create and distribute content in the appropriate form factor.

Interviewing is Karen Cahn, GM of AOL On Original Video.  Karen is helping out on this project as part of AOL’s sponsorship of Beet.TV’s coverage of the Digitas NewFront day.

*Audio Content Recognition (ACR) is referred to by some as Automatic Content Recognition.