NEW YORK — Atma Links, a new in-text advertising company for publishers, hopes to redefine the affiliate links industry by providing a reader-friendly, non-obtrusive presentation of content-relevant product links for blogs, forums and other forms of online media.

Atma.logo The New York start-up has come out of private beta this week. During its private beta, it has processed 30 million impressions per month.  Atma formed in 2009 by by software engineers, Chris Dickson and Erik Nygren. 

In an interview with Beet.TV, Ben Plesser, Head of Business Development, explains the mixed reputation of the affiliated links business and how Atma plans to change the medium through new text-to-link technology which generates valuable and "user friendly" links.   These links can be associated with display ads, he explains.

Below is video demo of how Atma Links works.

Here is the company's press release.

Andy Plesser

Disclosure:  Ben, a Dartmouth '07 graduate and former consultant with Infosys,  is my son and I am very pleased to have him on the show.