Ooyala Sees Value in Realtime Analytics for Video Producers

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA — Ooyala, the online video services company started by ex-Googlers, is developing realtime analytics for video producers to closely monitor the success of their content.


Taboola’s Cookies Could Sweeten Video Views for The New York Times

Taboola is not a Middle Eastern grain dish, but an Israeli start-up that provides a solution to surface recommended videos for visitors to CNN.com, HowCast, 5min, Demand Media, the NBA, and now on The New York.


The Changing Strategy of Online Video Syndication: Put Your Player Where You Want It

While many video publishers seek the widest possible distribution of their videos through an embeddable player and Media RSS, some, like HealthiNation and Virgin Media, are using a syndicated player which is placed on specific sites.


Exclusive: Msnbc.com Readies New Video Player for Facebook

Msnbc.com,  was the first major video provider to provide an embeddable player, allowing users to play videos on their sites. 


Big in Brussels: Kyte powers NATO Secretary General’s Videoblog!

How far has the online video business expanded beyond its entertainment roots? So far that the secretary general of NATO is keeping a video blog to stay connected with member countries…


Anne Frank Film Clip from 1941 is Huge on YouTube: 1.5 Million Views in 7 Days

Late last month, the Amsterdam-based museum Ann Frank House launched a channel on YouTube.


Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz: “Big cornerstone of our strategy is video”

NEW YORK, NY — Video is an essential part of Yahoo's business, CEO Carol Bartz told me yesterday at the company's news conference here.


WatchMojo Has Growing Biz in Video Production & Syndication

Charging for your services is the new black. Web video startups, like WatchMojo.com and Magnify.net are realizing that there’s nothing wrong with getting paid for their content and services; in fact such practices can lead to staying in business and turning a profit.


Wikipedia has Just 3,000 Videos up, but Much More to Come, Report

Wikipedia has only about 3000 scattered videos on its site, but that may change as the site will allow easier uploading and collaborative editing, Technology Reports.


MSNBC.com to Monetize its Videos Throughout the Web

REDMOND, WA — MSNBC.com,  the first major video news organization to provide sharable videos, has found booming usage of its videos off its site, notably on the Huffington Post.


YouTube Local News Organized in 100 U.S. Cities…New York Post Is Prominent in New York

YouTube's "News Near You," a recent addition to the YouTube news page, organizes local news sources as a strip of thumbnail images.  YouTube has organized hundreds of news sources into news "portals" in 100 U.S. cities, we have learned.


Delve, Akamai Announce Collaboration

SEATTLE, WA — Online video platform company Delve Networks paired up with Akamai in a deal to provide joint video services to customers, the companies announced today.


YouTube Looks to Blip.tv for New “Show Creators”

NEW YORK, NY — Blip.tv, the fast-growing video sharing site which leads the industry in hosting and distributing episodic Web video programs, now allows its show producers to upload directly to YouTube, the company announced earlier today.


Brightcove Launches with Full Services in Japan Today

Brightcove, the big video services company has been making major inroads in Japan with several broadcasters, marketing partners and with investors.


Dailymotion Leads the Industry with Ogg Theora, Works Now with Firefox 3.5

Now that Firefox 3.5 has been released, we will be seeing new sorts of programs for video including Ogg Theora, the open-source, non-Flash program for video.


White House Signs Online Video Distribution Deal with California Start-up

NEW YORK, NY — The White House has signed an agreement with TubeMogul, an Emeryville, California-based start-up to distribute and analyze web videos, said David Burch, a TubeMogul executive, in this video interview.


Wikipedia Adding Collaborative Video Editing Within 90 Days, Report

The long-anticipated integration of collaborative video editing software into Wikipedia will happen later this summer, according to a report by David Talbot in Technology Review.


YouTube Blocked in Iran: Traffic Down 90 Percent

Earlier this week, authorities in Iran blocked YouTube along with several other sites and mobile networks.  For YouTube, the crackdown has been highly effective, with traffic dropping by 90 percent.


YouTube Battles with Rogue Web Stars

YouTube is cracking down on Web stars who try to sell ads against their YouTube views without paying YouTube its required revenue share.


AOL Video Expanding Use of 16X9 Format

AOL Video includes scores of brands in many countries. Over the past several months, much of the video publishing operations has switched to the Brightcove platform.

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