AOL Video includes scores of brands in many countries. Over the past several months, much of the video publishing operations has switched to the Brightcove platform.

We caught up last week here in New York with Victor Haseman, Director of AOL Video about the company's global use of video and the Brightcove platform.  

Victor says that the AOL is going to be increasingly changing the presentation of its video to a 16X9 format, which is the wider, and generally a higher quality presentation.  Many publishers, including Beet.TV, have made the switch.

AOL is an investor in Brightcove, as is Hearst which also uses the technology.

Disclaimer:  This video was produced and published as part of a sponsorship of Beet.TV by Brightcove.

Update 4:49 PM ET:  comScore reports that AOL had 121 million video views in April.