Google wants to index all the world’s information, and that includes finding PowerPoint presentations and PDF files, weather, flight information and currency conversions.

Kelsey and I visited the Googleplex in Mountainview, California last Tuesday for a number of meetings and demonstrations.  In our first segment, we speak with Maile Ohye, Developer Programs Tech Lead.

She gives some useful tips about using the Google search box for a
number of uses.  No news here, but we didn’t know about using Google to
search for files with specific file extensions.

Google Workers Love Legos!

In between interviews, we shot some video of the interior and
exterior of the Googleplex.  Check out the Legos, building blocks,
beach volleyball, garden, the SpaceShipOne replica and the Tyrannosaurus Rex in the garden!

I particularly enjoyed the fresh fruit.  I hope you enjoy our tour.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer