Romanian Developers, with AOL Teams in New York and Tel Aviv, Have Re-Engineer Beet.TV

Cluj-Napoca, Romania —  From an office in this academic town, equidistant to Bucharest, Budapest and Belgrade, a team of developers has completely re-engineered Beet.TV, using the AOL video platform and a highly customized WordPress CMS. The project, supervised by AOL executives in New York,  involved the migration and proper contextualization of some 4,000 videos and […]


The Evolution of TechCrunchTV: A Slick NY Studio and the Power of Videoblogging

Launched just over a year ago, now with 1700 videos and millions of streams, TechCrunchTV is expanding with new programming, a state-of-the-art studio at the Aol headquarters in Manhattan and a focus on videoblogging.


Big in Brussels: Kyte powers NATO Secretary General’s Videoblog!

How far has the online video business expanded beyond its entertainment roots? So far that the secretary general of NATO is keeping a video blog to stay connected with member countries…


Microsoft’s Trailblazing Corporate Videoblog has 4.5 Million Monthly Visitors

REDMOND, WA — Companies seeking to harness the power of videoblogging need to look at Channel 9, the pioneering site launched back in 2003. 


Money is in Making Communities, Not Content, Sarah Szalavitz Says

HOLLYWOOD, Calif — There’s more money to be made in creating communities for programming online than making the content itself, Sarah Szalavitz of social design agency 7 Robot told Beet.TV at the NATPE LA TV Fest.


Believe it: How a Little Video Blog Powered The Agenda for Election Reform

A cheap camera, dogged determination, and a smart video blog strategy has created a national dialogue about election form in the United States.


Amazing but True: Most Online Videos Found Via Blogs, Industry Report

TubeMogul's David Burch says that an analysis of video discovery has found that blog are the biggest referrer of video views.


BoingBoing Relaunches Video Channel with World’s Biggest Player!

BoingBoing, the popular and influential blog about culture and technology, has had video for sometime and now it's bigger than ever, literally.


Rocketboom Launches Tech Series in Collaboration with Intel

Congratulations to Andrew Baron and the team at Rocketboom for the new technology series created sponsored and developed in cooperation with Intel.  Andrew blogged about it today.


Sun Has Power Vlogger in CEO Jonathan Schwartz

MENLO PARK, CA — Sun Microsystems, which has long been a leader in corporate blogging by executives and employees, is now empowering its 30,000 employees to upload employee-generated video to Sun's big video site Channel Sun as part of its communications with customers, developers and others.


Online Wine Star Gary Vaynerchuk Shares Valentine’s Tips on The Today Show

We were excited to see Gary Vaynerchuk, the host of Wine Library TV, reveal the best wine's for Valentine's Day love on The Today Show this morning.


Savory Cities Has Largest Library of Editorial Restaurant Videos on Web…..Update: In related news, OpenTable Readies IPO —

Savory Cities, the restaurant website that profiles restaurants in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Seattle, has the largest library of editorial restaurant videos on the web, Co-Founder Chris McBride told Andy in an interview  last month.


YouTube Has New Channels for U.S. Congress

WASHINGTON, D.C. – At the Google offices in Washington, D.C yesterday, Andy interviewed YouTube’s Head of News and Politics Steve Grove about the site’s new Congressional Web pages. There are separate pages for the House and for the Senate, and the offices of all senators and representatives can start their own channels. Andy blogged about […]


The Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable: Live Streaming, Blogging from 30 Rock, Right Here

(Update: The conference ended at noon. The on-demand videos of the event are published above.) The Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable is taking place at the digital cafe today at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City from 9 a.m. to noon, and we're streaming the event live using Mogulus.  For a list of participants, […]


Howcast Gets $2 Million in Additional Funding

The how-to video site Howcast has raised $2 million in additional first-round funding from private individuals, bringing its total to $10 million, Camille Ricketts at VentureBeat reports.


Program Alert: Live From 30 Rock, It’s Beet.TV….Don’t Miss Our Online Video Show Starring Execs from YouTube, AOL, Yahoo, MySpace, Microsoft and others!

We are producing a live show of our online video industry summit on Tuesday, October 28 from 9-noon EDT, from the digital cafe at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, headquarters of NBC. CNET Dan Farber and TechCrunch co-editor Erick Schonfeld will join me in moderating in-depth discussions on technology, monetization and the changing role of […]


The Journal Trains Reporters to Produce Online Video

The Wall Street Journal publishes 25-30 videos a day, and the majority of them are produced by the paper’s reporters, according to Deputy Managing Editor Alan Murray. As part of a strategy to integrate online video with the reporting, The Journal trains reporters on a regular basis in New York and San Francisco to use […]


Jeff Jarvis: Big Media Companies Need to Reinvent Online Video

Big media companies need to stop imitating traditional television formats in online video, according to BuzzMachine’s Jeff Jarvis. There’s no reason to do stand-ups and b-roll when the Internet provides the opportunity to reinvent the entire format, he says.


Hip Hop Artist Consequence Builds Grassroots Celebrity Status Online

The hip hop artist Consequence, who released his debut album "Don’t Quit Your Day Job" with Kanye West’s label G.O.O.D Music last year, is building his grassroots celebrity status online, he says. His Kyte channel "ConsTV" has received 1.4 million hits and his Web site, started in the Winter of 2007, will be finsihed […]


Award-Winning Video Blogger Detained in Beijing

Free Tibet 2008 reports today that Brian Conley, creator of citizen journalist video blog Alive in Baghdad, was detained Tuesday in Beijing with friend Jeffrey Rae. Conley’s wife received a text message at 12:30 Beijing time yesterday that said, “In jail. All fine.” Conley and Rae shot and distributed video of a Students for a […]

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