By many accounts, there are now around 45mn US households which can receive so-called addressable TV ads, those targeted at the individual household level.

But that’s fewer than half the total number of TV households, and getting here has been a slow slog.

Yet the inertia is not stopping advertisers from embracing opportunities around TV targeting nevertheless.

“TV … has been, and still is, able to reach large audiences with multiple senses and can deliver a powerful message in the right context to great audiences at the right time,” according to Lance Neuhauser, CEO of 4C Insights, a technology company helping marketers.

“However, then digital came up – one person who has one interest shouldn’t necessarily see the same ad as another person. The infrastructure necessary to deliver those separate messages to separate household has taken time in television to build.”

“In the meantime, marketers don’t want to to stop making progress. They are looking at more than just viewing data. They are looking at viewing data in combination with social response information, in combination with CRM data, to have a better picture of the impact of each dollar that’s put in to market and how that ultimately brings back bottom-line results.”

Neuhauser is fresh from raising a $26mn Series C investment to boost geographical expansion, products and technology and sales teams.

The outfit has an integrated platform for multi-screen analytics and activation, with services including online ads synchronized to TV spots, analytics and social media ad buying.

This video is part of a series produced at the NYC TV and Video Week’s Advance Advertising summit.  The series is sponsored by 4C Insights.  For additional videos from the series, visit this page