INVIDI Ramps Up For CTV & Solving Addressable’s Three Frictions: Kubin

A pioneer in the addressable TV advertising space is ramping up to enable the latest incarnation of the opportunity. INVIDI began 18 years ago, helping TV providers enable their ad inventory for targeted buying, primarily through set-top boxes. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Michael Kubin explains what comes next. From box to everywhere “The […]


INVIDI Has Cross-Screen Buying Platform Called EDGE

LONDON –   A year after acquiring the former Videoplaza video ad technology from its latest owner, ad-tech firm INVIDI says it has launched a new software suite, aimed at uniting the disparate worlds of advanced TV advertising. In December 2018, INVIDI, which is owned by a consortium of groups, acquired Pulse, the technology of the […]


INVIDI Buys Ooyala’s AdTech Unit, Will ‘Reinvest’: Anderson

LONDON — The new owner of Ooyala’s adtech unit has promised to “reinvest” in the company as it bids to embrace a continuing digital advertising opportunity. INVIVI, which facilitates addressable advertising systems for global TV platforms, is acquiring what it calls “the advertising technology division (formerly Videoplaza) of Ooyala”. That amounts to Pulse, a software-as-a-service […]


Who’s Ready For Advanced TV?: A Beet Retreat Miami Panel With Furious Corp., Invidi, SintecMedia, Videology And Google

MIAMI – The next generation of television—as represented by things like the ATSC3.0 standard—is now in sight. Then again, so is the moon. To hear panelists at the recent Beet Retreat Miami explain it, lunar landings might be easier to achieve than getting TV broadcasters en masse to quickly embrace the future. Asked by moderator […]


Beet Retreat Miami Panel Probes Advanced-TV Roadblocks: Furious Corp., 4C Insights, Oracle Data Cloud And Finecast

MIAMI – If you could change just one thing tomorrow that could speed up the advanced-television business, what would that be? Maybe nothing that would have an immediate impact on the way things were done—inertia being what it is—but it’s good to ponder the question anyway. This was the approach taken by Ashley J. Swartz, […]


Addressable TV Innovation Will Start in Europe, Invidi’s CEO Dave Downey

MIAMI — In the future, advertisers could reach individual households with customized, targeted TV ads. In fact, that future is already happening. It’s called “addressable TV”, and recent estimates of the number of addressable US TV households count about 45m properties. So what’s next in the addressable journey? Beet.TV convened a panel of leading exponents to offer […]


Furious Corp.’s Swartz To Media Sellers: Do The Math With Ease, Regardless Of Currency

LONDON – Ashley J. Swartz’s message to media owners is clear: Be agile, flexible, and get your internal act together. “There’s a lot of value and insight intelligence around audience that is untapped within the enterprise of a seller,” Swartz says in an interview with “I think there’s a lot of unlocked value that […]


INVIDI’s ‘Addressability In The Sky’ Excites 605’s Dolan

LONDON — In the emerging world of “addressable TV advertising” – in which operators can swap out a standard 30-second spot for one custom-targeted at a single viewer – cable and online platforms may appears to have the upper hand. But satellite is far from out of the game. UK satellite pay-TV operator Sky had its AdSmart […]


INVIDI Buys GroupM A Place At Addressable’s Table: Gottlieb

LONDON — In what is beginning to look like a season of exits for video ad-tech startups, addressable TV specialist INVIDI was last month acquired by AT&T, DISH and WPP. The 16-year-old company has come in to its own of late, by helping advertisers serve household-targeted ads in to TV streams in the two minutes per hour […]


‘Satellite Switching’ Could Beam Down Nationwide Addressability: INVIDI’s Downey

MIAMI — If you thought advertising technology was becoming like rocket science, you may surprised how right you are – next up, TV ad-tech is going in to space. TV ad technology provider INVIDI, which enables household-level TV ad targeting for broadcast companies more used to beaming out a single message en masse, is getting excited about a technology […]


INVIDI Acquired By AT&T/DISH/WPP – Next Stop, Outer Space

MIAMI – The great video ad-tech consolidation wave is continuing, with a twist.  AT&T and DISH have announced plans to acquire addressable TV ad-tech vendor INVIDI. But they are not doing it alone – the pair are joined in the deal by fellow acquirer WPP, the world’s largest ad agency holding group, though it is AT&T […]


Invidi’s CMO Seeks TV Data On Global Expansion Curve

LONDON — Invidi ha already helped US TV operators with customers in 68 million homes to deliver household-level targeted TV ads. Now it is aiming to expand its business overseas – but, first, it has to overcome some challenges. “We are expanding globally and aggressively, and are keeping most of those plans under wraps,” Invidi chief marketer […]


Invidi’s Kubin Sees Addressable TV At A Tipping Point

LONDON — TV ads targeted through addressable linear platforms made up just 0.1% of total us TV ad spend in 2014, according to eMarketer. But the prospect is now at a “tipping point” that will push it faster and higher, with no turning back, says one exec in the space. Invidi EVP Michael Kubin tells Beet.TV, in this […]


Invidi’s Di Blasio Aims For ‘All-Glass’ Decisioning By Q4

LONDON — Invidi should know a thing or two about the new science of addressable advertising. After all, the company was formed in 2000, and has been allowing advertisers to serve distinct ads to individual households ever since. Now it’s ready to close the loop back from TV to online media, too. Company chief marketer Fred Di […]


Invidi’s Addressable Horizons Expanding Fast: CEO Downey

FORT LAUDERDALE — “Addressable TV”, the practice of targeting individual households’ TV sets based on data characteristics, may have been the hot industry topic of 2015 – but Invidi, the Princeton, NJ-based ad tech vendor enabling broadcast operators with the technology, has already been doing so for 14 years now. The company already has traction, […]


Invidi Will Power Belgian Addressable TV: CEO Downey

LONDON — New Jersey-based addressable TV tech outfit Invidi is set to cross the pond next year, when it powers its first European client business. Speaking with Beet.TV in this video interview, CEO David Downey reveals the company’s technology will underpin a launch by Liberty Global’s Belgian broadcaster Telenet and channel owner SBS Broadcasting. The European addressable opportunity […]