LONDON — In the emerging world of “addressable TV advertising” – in which operators can swap out a standard 30-second spot for one custom-targeted at a single viewer – cable and online platforms may appears to have the upper hand.

But satellite is far from out of the game. UK satellite pay-TV operator Sky had its AdSmart product in the marketplace for a couple of years now, pushing multiple ads to subscribers’ set-top boxes for subsequent decisioning.

And INVIDI, the early addressable TV pioneer helping operators realize the technology, is launching a new offering leveraging low-earth orbit satellites to help broadcasters transmit multiple streams of alternate ads to viewers’ screens, switched at the client side.

Just acquired by AT&T, DISH and WPP, Invidi launched what it called “satellite switching“, and Kristin Dolan thinks it could be big. The founder of new addressable TV data firm 605 Group spoke with Beet.TV for this video interview.

“It’s about addressability – the opportunity to do full addressability country-by-country, with satellite transponders – doing addressability in the sky,” she says.

“This is about facilitating that to homes from the sky, which we think is amazing, we’re very excited about it, especially here in London.”

Having sold Cablevision to French telecom firm Altice earlier in 2016, Dolan and her husband James, who had been CEO of Cablevision, recently announced that their Dolan Family Ventures acquired Analytics Media Group, a pioneer in the use of set-top box data.

This interview was conducted at the Future of TV Advertising Forum in London. Beet.TV’s coverage is presented by the 605.  For other videos from the series, please visit this page