BARCELONA – You never know where a client-specific initiative will lead in the mobile space. For Turner, a good example is its 2016 partnership with CA Technologies on the CNN Politics app.

“That was the first thing we have ever done where we started with the mobile concept and then a lot of the ideas from that app then branched itself out into the linear space and branded content and other areas,” Donna Speciale explains in this interview with Beet.TV.

“It’s not a one-size-fits all, because every client is going to be using mobile and it’s created very differently,” Turner’s President of Ad Sales explains during a break at the Mobile World Congress 2017.

The data-centric CNN Politics app was designed by CA Technologies to track the latest polling, delegate, voting and fundraising data behind the 2016 presidential race. With personalized alerts and notifications, the app provided users with comprehensive election results, breaking news, enterprise and video reporting.

CA Technologies was a technology sponsor of the 2016 America’s Choice Election on CNN. On digital, CA was the exclusive sponsor of the CNN Politics app, as well as the hub on that housed the app’s content and included CA branding.

Asked about Turner’s view of the upcoming TV Upfront negotiating season, Speciale talks about the shift from Nielsen age-sex demographics to audience targeting specific to clients’ needs and objectives.

“We are now able to hone in a lot more on who our fan is,” Speciale says of Turner’s audience targeting capabilities. “We’re now getting a lot more into who our fan base is and the behaviors of our fans and how we can marry that to our brands and their objectives coming together in the right environment.”

Speciale attends MWC for a glimpse of the future, given that the U.S. isn’t always ahead of trend curves like, say, China or Europe. It boils down to figuring out “How do I have to alter the organization or our thinking with clients, knowing in the next two or three years the next iteration of innovation is what? I think you can find that here,” she says.

This video was produced in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress 2017. The series is sponsored by Turner. Please visit this page for additional segments from MWC.