This week, our #BeetCast podcast guest is Donna Speciale, President of Sales and Marketing at Univision.

Donna is known to many of us as a leader in our industry from her days as a media buyer to her role leading the sales organization at Turner Broadcasting.

Donna started her new role at Univision 10 months ago. She and her team have been hard at work, presenting the opportunity for marketers to reach the fast-growing Hispanic population.

One of the challenges in the marketplace is the lack of proper analytics around the Hispanic consumer.  They are undercounted in panels, she says..

Seeing limitations with established data provides, Univision has created its own “Hispanic graph”.

This week, Univision and Comscore announced a collaboration to more closely report on the Hispanic consumers via local stations.

In my conversation, Donna also speaks about the big move to streaming and the expanding offering from Univision.

Great conversation.  Thank you Donna.

Very happy to announce that Donna and the Univision team will join me and other industry leaders at the Beet Retreat 2022, an industry executive retreat in San Juan, February 2-4.

A big thanks to the BeetCast sponsor TransUnion.

And thank you for listening.    I hope you enjoy the episode.