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I caught up with Newsweek’s Steven Levy on Saturday at the Manhattan studios of Beet.TV. It was a little post New Year’s get together with our good friends and colleagues — so that explains the noise in the background — and the wine created a slight slur in my interviewing style. Ooopsie, sorry about that.

Steven just returned from CES and Macworld. He was astonished to find that anticipation of the Steve Jobs speech in San Francisco overshadowed the giant gadget conference in Las Vegas.

Steven has great access to Steve Jobs and his interview in Newsweek is getting a lot of attention — seems that the upcoming iPhone will not be open to outside develpers and that has some folks sore.

He’s very excited about the iPhone but not so about the upcoming Apple iTV — says it’s great for getting video material from the computer onto the TV, but is not really a fully function Internet TV device. He told me that the iTV won’t allow him to watch Beet.TV on his TV and that’s not good. I agree!

Steven has written a book on the iPod called the Perfect Thing. We had some copies on hand Saturday afternoon. Here he is signing a book for Internet visionary Esther Dyson. (Stay tuned for an interview with Esther shortly.) Levy_dyson_001

Andy Plesser

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