In an interview with earlier this month, Vizu CEO Dan Beltramo confirmed what we've been hearing for a while now: Pre-roll is the most effective method of brand advertising online. Period. And he has the numbers to back it up; in a food item campaign Vizu analyzed, pre-roll had six times the brand lift of display advertising.

Vizu's Ad Catalyst measurement system, which Beltramo speaks about in the first segment of this interview, measures brand lift online. The lack of analytics for brand advertising online has long been an obstacle for more ad spending, so we're pretty excited about this start-up.

In the segment, Beltramo shares his online video forecast for 2009. "The people with the lowest quality content and the lowest quality advertising experience are going to suffer the most," he says. "Premium video content is still selling out for the most part. I think the video side of the world next year–I would expect to see pretty good growth."

Kelsey Blodget, Associate Producer