A person’s activities on Facebook, Flickr, training sites like Nike plus, and credit card purchases all generate data, and Me-trics wants to put it together in one place, co-founder James Vreeland told me after his presentation at TechCrunch50 last Tuesday. He describes the company as "Google Analytics for your life."

Me-trics wants to unearth trends from correlations in the data and use that information to help a user achieve goals, like losing weight or saving money.

Users have to input some data themselves, which drew criticism from the TechCrunch judges as too arduous. Me-trics is working on SMS and mobile integration so that users don’t have to go to the actual site to input data, and will rely increasingly on automated data as more of it becomes available.

"The ideal end state will be that you say, ‘I want to lose weight or I want to save money,’ and the system knows what you’re doing across the net, and will send you notifications on how you’re doing and how you get where you want to be," he says.

Knowing a user’s goals and habits will allow Me-trics to provide targeted advertising, according to Vreeland.

Kelsey Blodget, Associate Producer