Single Insertion Order Is Operative’s Vision For Convergence

LAS VEGAS – At the end of the road to television convergence—beyond advertising stacks, ad pricing and viewing metrics across devices—lays a single insertion order. So easy to imagine but so very elusive in the here and now, in the view of Lorne Brown, who was chosen this month to head the new Digital Committee […]


NAB’s PILOT Guides Broadcasters To Next Generation Of TV Standards

LAS VEGAS – As matchmakers go, few are busier than the PILOT group within the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), as the trade organization continues to help develop standards that enable local television broadcasters to keep pace with technology and viewing habits. To PILOT Executive Director John Clark, the concept of what a local broadcaster […]


WatchESPN: Get Ready For ‘Live Moments’ On All Viewing Devices

LAS VEGAS – Brand marketers should spend more time trying to figure out how to engage with consumers as they are viewing live sports events than they do thinking about which devices are providing the viewing experience. This has been one of the takeways for WatchESPN, which offers all of the live, streaming services of […]


NAB Digital Committee Chair: Standards, Yield Curves Intertwined

LAS VEGAS – While the convergence of television and digital media requires much desired industry standards for viewing metrics to effectively sell advertising, with such standards will come the need for media companies to address yield curves across platforms. “That’s something that everyone’s taking very seriously when they’re talking about this idea of coexistence of […]


Bloomberg Sees Cross-Platform Deals Constrained By Agency Buying Process

True cross-platform digital video advertising deals can emerge only when agencies change the way they now plan and buy content for their clients, according to Bloomberg Media’s David Bickford. “If you buy a spot on TV you are trafficking that spot,” Bickford says in a recent interview with Beet.TV. “But a digital video purchase is […]


CNNgo By The Numbers: 9.5 Million Hours Views In March

LAS VEGAS — Over the years, CNN’s online video strategy has ranged from the free to the paid, the locked-down to the open-access, to the in-between. The latest strategy sits in the latter camp, after CNN launched CNNgo – with access to its live stream plus on-demand shows – back in 2014. So how is CNNgo […]


Ustream In Hand, IBM Cloud Inks Deals With AOL, CBC, Comic-Con And Mazda

LAS VEGAS – IBM Cloud wants to be right in the middle of everything that’s happening in digital video, an aspiration further advanced by this week’s deals with companies like AOL and the Canadian Broadcasting Company, along with the launch of two new live-streaming services. The company best known for its mainframe computer heritage is […]


Ooyala Partners With Facebook Live, Sees More Video Disruption

LAS VEGAS – When it comes to pay television and “TV Everywhere,” the only constant is disruption, one of the latest examples being Facebook Live, which enables anyone to broadcast live video on the social media platform. As an official Media Solutions Partner for Facebook Live, Silicon Valley-based Ooyala has a ground-level view of the […]