So far, the discussion of so-called “programmatic”, automated digital advertising trading has centered on online display and video advertising. But what about advertising in content that no-one can see?

Programmatic trading has already come to a number of audio platforms – Xaxis enabled an audio offering last year. And now one of the biggest out there, Spotify, has enabled the technology, after signing deals with Rubicon Project, AppNexus and The TradeDesk.

The music service is lighting up programmatic through private marketplaces, one of whose operators says audio enables an “immersive experience”.

“Going along through that person’s journey is a big concept around immersive advertising,” according to The TradeDesk‘s Tim Sims. “Trying to engage from the beginning to the end of the day is the goal of a lot of marketers.

“Audio is largely a mobile application environment. You have a lot of really valuable first-party publisher data from Spotify about their 100m logged-in users, preferences and things that they like – that’s a powerful dataset for marketers to leverage.”

Spotify counts about 70 million listeners to its free, ad-supported service, which runs alongside its paid-subscription offering.

It will come as no surprise to anyone who has worked in radio advertising, but the fact that audio runs without pictures offers a different kind of opportunity to marketers.

The TradeDesk last month debuted trading on Wall Street after filing for IPO just a month earlier.

This video is part of Beet.TV’s coverage of the IAB MIXX Conference, 2016, presented by The TradeDesk.   Please find additional videos from the Conference here.