Viacom’s Spina Wants Unified Social Data Measurements

A single currency for measuring the impact of social interactions with brands would help eliminate confusion in the marketplace, says Viacom Media Networks’ integrated marketing EVP. “There’s a collection of third-party data reporters in addition to first party,” Dario Spina tells Beet.TV. “There’s a lot of confusion on … the data results you want to […]


Buying Video Traffic Is Not A Four-Letter Word: Taboola’s Silberstein

Publishers and brands spend a lot of money trying to draw audiences from other sites and services, whether through social awareness-raising or through marketing efforts. But what audiences do on your site depends very much on where they came from, says an exec from a content discovery engine. “Referral-based information can have a really big […]


Making Content Marketing Accountable To Drive Business, MediaCom’s Sean Black Explains

Content marketing has always been a part of advertising, but the big difference is that content is finally accountable, says Sean Black, Managing Partner and Group Digital Director at MediaCom, during an interview for Beet.TV with Paul Kontonis, SVP Strategy & Sales at Collective Digital Studio. “Content marketing has always been around but it’s getting more attention, […]


Branded Video Must be Tailored to the “Venue,” Mindshare’s Migliozzi

Branded video performs best when it’s tailored properly to the platform, says Joe Migliozzi, Digital Lead at Mindshare NA, in an interview for Beet.TV with Paul Kontonis, SVP Strategy & Sales at Collective Digital Studio. “The consumers are defining the platforms for the brand. If it’s a platform where the consumer is trying to find more information […]


Why Brands Embrace & Push Back on Content Marketing, Maxus’ Lori Greene Explains

While much has been said about some recent high profile content marketing campaigns, many brands are taking a cautious approach, explains Lori Greene, Director of Content at Maxus, a media agency unit of GroupM Worldwide/WPP. In this on stage session with moderator Paul Kontonis, Greene explains best practices around content marketing from its conception to […]


Recommended Videos Earn 75% Return Rate, Taboola Finds

As brands and publishers weave more content into their sites, they are finding new ad tactics to test, says Adam Singolda, Founder and CEO of Taboola, a content discovery engine in an interview for Beet.TV with Paul Kontonis, SVP Strategy & Sales at Collective Digital Studio. “You can have a video with a newsletter link on the […] Sees A Fifth Of Video Views From Mobile Web

The popularity of editorial video amongst mobile web users is growing fast at Time magazine’s website. “About 20% of video views on are happening on mobile web,” GM Craig Ettinger tells Beet.TV. “That’s up from just over 10% a year ago.” Ettinger credits the site’s recent responsive redesign, which makes the site more attractive […]


Boston Globe To End Two-Site ‘Confusion’ With Metered Push

The Boston Globe says it will move to differentiate its two websites – one, free; the other, part-paid – as it undertakes a marketing effort around a new metered digital payment requirement on one. “(Boston) and – they are two separate sites, very confusing – we are in the process of removing that confusion […]


Mindshare’s Bitterman on Real-Time Content and Technology

Content and content marketing are among the leading buzzwords in the advertising business, but it can be useful to understand the different types of content that brands are relying on, says Jordan Bitterman, Chief Strategy Officer, North America at Mindshare in an interview for Beet.TV with Paul Kontonis, SVP Strategy & Sales at Collective Digital Studio. Advertising itself […]


Multichannel Content Network Business Will Grow Via Partnerships, Paul Kontonis

The online video content business will continue to grow financially if the players involved work in tandem, says Paul Kontonis, SVP Strategy & Sales at Collective Digital Studio, in an interview with Jordan Bitterman, Chief Strategy Officer, North America at Mindshare. Kontonis, a digital content veteran, is a fan of working together and learning from each other, […]


Viacom Sees Rise in Agency Interest in Integrated Marketing

The mindset at several media agencies has begun to shift to content marketing first, with media following from that, says Dario Spina, EVP Integrated Marketing Viacom Networks, during an interview with Beet.TV. “We used to have a media conversation first and then they would ask ‘what else could we do to sweeten that with an integrated […]


Brands Must Tap Emotions in Branded Content, Maxus’ Greene

With 90% of brands engaging in content marketing, media agencies have an opportunity to distribute that content for their clients, says Lori Greene, Director of Content at Maxus during an interview with Beet.TV. “Video is about tapping into emotions and making it memorable. It can be bringing up emotions like awe, surprise, sadness or happiness,” she […]


Brands Must Establish KPIs for Content, MediaCom’s Sean Black

One of the biggest challenges in branded content today isn’t in the creation, but the measurement, says Sean Black, Managing Partner and Group Digital Director at MediaCom, during an interview with Beet.TV.  “What are the KPIs? How do I take that content and align it with a business need, not just a media need?” He offers […]


Mindshare’s Migliozzi: Media Agencies Help Fill Digital Content Demands

While the traditional role of media agencies has been to buy media for brand clients, the increased appetite for content across vast social and digital channels has presented companies like WPP’s Mindshare unit with opportunities to create original content, explains Joe Migliozzi, who is the digital lead of Mindshare’s New York office, in this interview […] Embraces Cross-Title “Recirculation” of Videos with Taboola

The newly relaunched is highly video centric, with increased production of original content, a prominent player and a cross-title “recirculation” strategy which is driving consumption of  videos across all the company’s titles, with customized thumbnails of videos displayed on all article pages, explains Craig Ettinger, General Manger of in this interview with Beet.TV […]


Ex Digitas Exec Paul Kontonis Joins LA’s Collective Digital Studio to Build Brand Partnerships

Paul Kontonis, a veteran of the emerging medium of branded video, who helped define the category as an executive at Digitas, recently joined the  LA-based Collective Digital Studio (CDS), one of the big MCN’s (multichannel networks),   to design and sell marketing programs to brands around the network’s key YouTube channel stars. We spoke with […]


Taboola CEO Singolda: Discovery will be the “Fourth” Category of Digital Advertising

Taboola, the content discovery technology platform, which powers the  consumption of videos and articles via the distribution of  billions of thumbnail images across the Web and mobile apps, sees discovery as the “fourth” digital advertising medium, added to search, social and display, says CEO and Founder Adam Singolda, in this video interview with Beet.TV Historically […]