A single currency for measuring the impact of social interactions with brands would help eliminate confusion in the marketplace, says Viacom Media Networks’ integrated marketing EVP.

“There’s a collection of third-party data reporters in addition to first party,” Dario Spina tells Beet.TV. “There’s a lot of confusion on … the data results you want to report back. Are they relevant to your client? That has to settle – there needs to be some kind of fairly unified third-party reporting in order to effectively commerce from it.”

Spina says there has been a “shift” in which more brands, in marketing spend negotiations, start with asking publishers for creative content ideas. But: “There’s a lot of confusion … there’s a lot of data available – not everyone knows how to to turn that in to a content strategy.”

Spina was a panelist at the Beet.TV Content Marketing Summit, spososored by Taboola, held at the New York offices of Mindshare this week. He was interviewed by Collective Digital Studio strategy and sales SVP Paul Kontonis. You can find more videos from that event here.