As brands and publishers weave more content into their sites, they are finding new ad tactics to test, says Adam Singolda, Founder and CEO of Taboola, a content discovery engine in an interview for Beet.TV with Paul Kontonis, SVP Strategy & Sales at Collective Digital Studio. “You can have a video with a newsletter link on the right rail, or commenting, or a call to action, and merge it with different angles from purchase channels,” Singolda says. “Video can also be on a YouTube channel, a social channel, a third-party channel.”

Brands like American Express, Bank of America and others are doing good work making sure their video content doesn’t just feel like an ad, he says. When videos are more engaging, they draw more views. Taboola works with more than 1000 publishers including Time, Bloomberg, and Huffington Post and has found that in the past month, about 75% of viewers who clicked on one of its recommended videos clicked on another video again. Compare that to click-through rates on banners, and that’s a positive sign about video.

“Content should not be mistaken for a ‘buy-me action.’ It’s a process and a campaign strategy,” Singolda says.

Singolda was a panelist at the Beet.TV Content Marketing Summit held at the New York offices of Mindshare this week. You can find more videos from that event here.

Disclaimer:   Taboola was the sponsor of this event