With 90% of brands engaging in content marketing, media agencies have an opportunity to distribute that content for their clients, says Lori Greene, Director of Content at Maxus during an interview with Beet.TV. “Video is about tapping into emotions and making it memorable. It can be bringing up emotions like awe, surprise, sadness or happiness,” she says, as examples.

Numerous studies have been conducted pointing to the success of branded video that tap into specific emotions to drive sharing, according to this Harvard Business Review article. Emotions like curiosity, amazement and astonishment can help, the article said. Key to brand success is being authentic and transparent with the content and revealing the brand at the end of the video, Greene says. “That’s the most powerful way to reach the audience,” she says. Greene recently joined Maxus after working as a TV producer.

Greene was a speaker at the Beet.TV Content Marketing summit hosted by Mindshare and presented by Taboola. You can find more videos from that event here.