What Buyers Want: PubMatic’s Steinberg On The New TV

What do they want? Transparency, flexibility and standards. When do they want it? As soon as possible. The explosion of new possibilities unleashed by the conversion of television into an IP-delivered medium has also provoked a range of challenges. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Robin Steinberg, VP, Revenue, Advertiser Solutions, PubMatic, explains what is […]


Nielsen’s Big Quarter: Thomas Previews ONE Ads Launch

A 2022 in which Nielsen has been working on overhauling its measurement offerings and gaining re-accreditation with the Media Rating Council will culminate with a busy period for Deirdre Thomas and the company. For Thomas – MD, US Audience Measurement, Nielsen – Q4 has a number of marker points. In this video interview with Beet.TV, […]


From Programmatic To Proliferation: MiQ’s Chughtai Aims To Bust Complexity

For ad buyers, there are more media services than ever through which to reach audiences. As much as that sounds like an opportunity, it also represents a big challenge. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Moe Chughtai, Global Head of Advanced TV, MiQ, explains why it is time to “bust” complexity. From efficiency to overwhelm […]


Trade Desk’s Richardson Wants Bigger, Faster TV Ad Sales Evolution

MVPD platforms and programers could do things the same way they have always done them – or they could take a stab at laying a groundwork for the future. Little by little, programmatic trading of TV ads is becoming a reality. But Jake Richardson, Director, TV Partnerships, The Trade Desk, would like to see it […]


App Behavior Could Quickly Reveal Black Friday Ad Impact: T-Mobile’s Peralta

Advertisers looking for fast evidence of their Black Friday ad campaigns’ success may want to leverage what mobile networks can see about their customers’ behavior. T-Mobile Advertising Solutions’ App Insights program uses data captured about its mobile phone subscribers’ actual app ownership and engagement to create targetable audience segments. In this video interview with Beet.TV, […]


Beet Retreat Preview: Ampersand CEO Nicolle Pangis Highlights Ways to Improve Addressable Advertising

This year’s Beat Retreat in Santa Monica comes as television advertising undergoes significant upheaval as viewers watch more programming on connected devices – including smart TVs, mobile phones and computers. Brands seeking to reach these audiences are adopting a variety of technologies to show different ads to different people during the same shows nationally, but […]


Our Plans & Goals for the Beet Retreat Santa Monica

Editor’s Note:  Here is a video overview and text summary of programming and objectives for the Beet Retreat Santa Monica, by Jon Watts, Editorial Director of Beet.TV Events and programmer of this Beet Retreat: This year’s Beet Retreat in Santa Monica promises to be a special event for the industry, a chance to come together […]

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