Cosmopolitan’ Odell: Snapchat’s A ‘Trailer’ For Content Consumption

When was asked how to reach young women with lifestyle content, Amy Odell‘s answer was clear – mobile. That’s why online editor Odell and her team have built with such a strong focus on mobile. Specifically, Snapchat, which announced weaker-than-expected user growth this week, has been a big driver for Odell. Cosmo launched on to […]


Ad Industry No Longer Luring Talent ‘Like Fish In A Barrel’: Momentum’s Frieman

MIAMI – Recruiting young talent to advertising and media agencies and holding onto them is no longer like “catching fish in a barrel” than it is offering mentoring and coaching—things that don’t always come with today’s flexible freelance work mode. As agencies compete for talent with tech companies and their own brand marketers, which continue […]


Extreme Reach’s Cloud-Based Solution Ensures Talent Rights Compliance

MIAMI – Like many things in this age, talent rights compliance tracking has taken to the cloud to ensure that television commercials increasingly repurposed as video ads deliver payments to all people and entities involved in those ads. Tagging commercials in order to track them is “a no brainer,” says Melinda McLaughlin, CMO of Extreme Reach, […]


4A’s Chief Nancy Hill Looks To Education Initiatives To Bolster Talent

MIAMI – When it rains it pours, and the advertising world is not immune to being drenched with pressing issues, ranging from keeping its young talent not only diverse but also happy to regaining trust with its brand marketer clients. And so it was as the industry’s dominant trade organization, the American Association of Advertising […]


WideOrbit By The (Big) Numbers, And Outing ‘Fauxgrammatic’

MIAMI — It’s the behemoth media platform that has a hand in perhaps around 40% of US TV ad spending, if numbers are to be believed. So why do so few people talk about WideOrbit? The San Francisco-based company offers a software platform that handles scheduling, billing, content management and invoicing for mostly local TV ads around the US. In […]


Conversant’s Davis On Finding The Right Target For A Bikini Ad

Matching advertising creative to real people—to the tune of about one trillion algorithmic decisions each day—is the best way to decide not to advertise snow jackets to someone who is vacationing in the South. By the same token, you might assume it’s not wise to advertise a bikini online to a woman who is shopping […]


‘Ad Blocking Is Good For Us’: How the Washington Post Wrestles With Choice

MIAMI — The Washington Post says it is trying hard to show ads that don’t suck – it’s other people’s ads that are the problem. WaPo made headlines late last year, when, like some other publishers, it began serving a range of responses to users running ad blocking software – from email captures to subscription invitations. “At […]


4A’s Chairman Koenigsberg: We’re All In This Together

MIAMI – On the cusp of its 100th anniversary, leadership at the American Association of Advertising Agencies is trying to foster more collaboration among ad agencies, media owners and other suppliers. “We all need each other,” says Chairman Bill Koenigsberg. The equally brief message from Koenigsberg, who in addition to his Four A’s role is […]


Horizon’s CDO Williams Sees ‘Breaking Point’ In Usage Of Ad Blocking

MIAMI – Now is a critical time for advertisers and publishers to advance best practices in dealing with consumer use of ad blocking technology because the growth of digital media won’t always outpace the growth in ad blocking. Donnie Williams, Chief Digital Officer of media agency Horizon, cites data showing there are 200 million global […]


Momentum’s Weil: When Agencies Ignore Consumers They Resemble The Republican Party

MIAMI – When agencies and clients get sidetracked with each other over business issues they can become disconnected with consumers, a phenomenon not unlike the ongoing presidential election campaigns within the Republican Party. This worldview comes from Chris Weil, CEO of the global brand Interpublic agency Momentum, as he takes in the early sessions at […]


GroupM Wants To Add ‘Cost Per Human’ To Lexicon, Mediacom’s Cowdell

MIAMI – As it continues the global rollout of its digital advertising viewability standards, to combat bot fraud GroupM would like to add a new measurement metric to the mix: CPH (Cost Per Human). Adopting CPH requires recalculating digital audiences after stripping out bot and fraud exposures, says Phil Cowdell, CEO of GroupM media agency […]


Most Advertising Is Irrelevant: Quantcast’s Feldman Wants More

MIAMI — Twenty-two years after the first web banner ad, you may have thought the online advertising business was pretty mature by now. But fear over a worsening consumer advertising sentiment, plus excitement about a new wave of ad outcomes, may mean the industry is only just beginning. “Most advertising today isn’t relevant,” according to Quantcast CEO Konrad Feldman, […]


Brands Want Data to Drive Business Objectives, UM’s Cacy

MIAMI — One of the biggest benefits of the plethora of data is that it can help shape the use of ads to better serve a brand’s business objectives, says Kasha Cacy, President UM US, in this interview with Beet.TV. “In the last year, we pushed heavily into the proposition that media could be a growth driver, […]


Job Seekers Crave ‘An Experience’ in Ad Business, MEC’s Barker

MIAMI — As digital drives massive changes in advertising and media, its growth has also shaped how media agencies recruit and find new employees, says Marie-Caire Barker, Chief Talent Officer, Global at MEC, in this interview with Beet.TV that dives into the job hiring ins and outs of today in the ad business. “What candidates are looking […]


Nielsen Hopes Cross-Platform Measurement Will Inform Upfronts

MIAMI — The upfronts season, in which US TV networks tempt ad buyers to open their wallets by presenting their roster of programming, has begun – and Nielsen is hoping it is just in time for buyers to judge the likely audiences using its new viewer data products. The measurement firms’ new Total Audience Measurement system, to ascertain […]


Maxus’ Williams: Shift To Efficacy, Focus On Creative A Welcome Progression

MIAMI – With programmatic buying of outdoor and radio on the horizon—and addressable television in the not-too-distant future—media agencies like Maxus welcome a shift of emphasis from efficiency to efficacy. Such a transition puts creativity front and center in what until now has been largely a technological arms race to harness automation. “As an agency, […]


LinkedIn Doubles Down On Native As Biggest Ad Format

MIAMI — It only launched in summer 2013 but, already, LinkedIn’s native ad format Sponsored Updates, is making up half of all the firm’s advertising revenue, a company exec says – and they look set to make up the majority soon. “It’s already 50% of our revenue and it’s going to become an even bigger part, […]


Innovid Measures Snapchat’s Vertical Videos For Brands

MIAMI — Snapchat is becoming a video behemoth, clocking up a reported six billion daily views in February, up from just two billion nearly a year earlier. Unlike some other video platforms, however, insight in to individual performance is relatively hard to come by inside the app. That’s why Innovid, the video advertising technology company, sought a […]


DDB’s Wendy Clark’s Advertising Mix for Success: Speed, Diversity and Solid Story Telling

MIAMI –  The demands of clients, consumers and new technologies are pushing agencies to work faster, says veteran marketer Wendy Clark who joined DDB as North American CEO earlier this year from a top marketing spot at Coca-Cola. The emerging formula of success on Madison Avenue is speed and quality, she says.  She also explains […]


Digitas’ Kelly: Agencies Must Focus More On Managers To Attract, Retain Young Talent

MIAMI – Anecdotal evidence of high turnover among younger workers at advertising and media agencies met the harsh reality of research conducted by LinkedIn and The American Association of Advertising Agencies, and the data paint a stark picture for the advertising world. During a session at the annual Transformation conference of the Four A’s, it […]

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