Matching advertising creative to real people—to the tune of about one trillion algorithmic decisions each day—is the best way to decide not to advertise snow jackets to someone who is vacationing in the South.

By the same token, you might assume it’s not wise to advertise a bikini online to a woman who is shopping in Seattle. And that could be wrong.

“If we know she’s been traveling or staying at particular hotels, and that she wants to have the messaging, she will receive the right message” about the bikini, says Michael Davis, Head of Creative for Conversant Media, which helps more than 4,000 brands “reach real people.” Beet.TV interviewed Davis during a break at the annual Transformation conference of the American Association of Advertising Agencies.

Davis describes as “cliché” the popular industry mantra of digital advertising delivering the right message at the right time. “That’s 10 years ago. Now we’re delivering media and advertising only to people who are interested in it based on that data we collect,” he says.

Conversant possesses some 150 million consumer identities that have been scrubbed of personal identification. Its algorithms can parse data so that three creative campaigns for a particular brand morph into seven different looks accompanied by 30 to 50 different headlines, as MediaPost reports.

“For us, the match of the creative to a real person is the holy grail for what we do,” Davis says.

This video was recorded at the 4A’s Transformation conference in Miami. For additional interviews, please visit this page. Beet.TV’s coverage of the 4A’s was sponsored by The Trade Desk.