MIAMI — Snapchat is becoming a video behemoth, clocking up a reported six billion daily views in February, up from just two billion nearly a year earlier.

Unlike some other video platforms, however, insight in to individual performance is relatively hard to come by inside the app. That’s why Innovid, the video advertising technology company, sought a way to get more detail.

Announced a month ago, Innovid’s analytics platform has been upgraded to take sight of Snapchat’s 10-second, “3V” vertical video views on marketer’s behalf.

Innovid CTO Tal Chalozin explains the origins of the development: “Snapchat is a massively-large property for 13-to-34s. The biggest problem is, it’s not measured by anyone aside from Snapchat themselves. “One of our very large agency clients … came to us and said, ‘Can you work with Snapchat to create something that enables data to flow to Innovid?’

Digiday reports Snapchat is attempting to get its Discover news publishers a connection with comScore, enabling them to measure the audience they earn there.

Innovid’s measurement capabilities claim to have sight of viewability, time earned, video views, impressions and completions, awareness, engagement and activity inside ad units.

Understanding true viewership is important because ad blocking is threatening the industry. Chalozin says Innovid is working to the IAB’s LEAN initiative, reducing ad bloat so that fewer viewers may be put off by excessive ad sizes.


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