The End Of ‘Point Solutions’?: GroupM’s Hanlon On Vendor Wars

If only software providers just did one thing anymore. The increasing pace with which ad-tech vendors have expanded on to each other’s turf is causing problems for ad agencies that want to use brands’ data more freely. That is according to a leading executive from the world’s largest media-buying agency. In this video interview with […]


TV Ad Loads Must Shrink: OMG’s Sullivan Wants Networks To Change

SANTA BARBARA — Viewers are lapping up ad-free, subscription TV over VOD and will no longer tolerate lengthy ad breaks. That is the worry expressed by a US ad agency leader, issuing a call-to-arms for TV networks to change. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Chief Investment Officer, North America, of Omnicom Media Group, worries […]


Innovid Boosts DCO Creds With Herolens Acquisition: Eason

SANTA BARBARA – When it raised a $30 million Series E venture round back in January, interactive TV ad firm Innovid said the money would be used for “additional capital” and ” to expand its global footprint”. Today, it is announcing its footprint is expanding through acquisition. The company is buying Herolens, a Buenos Aires-based […]


For Horizon, Attribution Is The Next Frontier

The emerging future in which software can measure all TV viewing and link viewers’ consequential outcomes back to ad exposures is coming in to view. And some agencies are stepping up to demand that proof as a baseline. Case in point: Horizon Media, the large independent agency. In this video interview with Beet.TV, David Campanelli, […]


GroupM’s Hanlon Wants To Solve The Identity ‘Quagmire’

In the emerging world of targeted marketing, knowing your customers and prospects is becoming essential. As that importance grows, so does the position of companies offering identity “graphs”, records of consumer profiles built from the various breadcrumbs they lay down in their digital activity. Evan Hanlon, GroupM’s US chief strategy officer, thinks getting customers’ identities […]


Horizon’s Campanelli Wants Guaranteed Ad Results

David Campanelli,  EVP at Horizon Media, the largest independent advertising agency,is one of the ad buyers beckoning the industry away from its traditional methods of proving efficacy, toward a future in which ad exposure can be linked to eventual consumer outcomes – and priced accordingly. Many third-party ad vendors have been moving in the same […]


It’s About Time: Xandr’s Relevance Examines Consumer Attention

Is “relevance” still… relevant? Over the last few years, advertising “relevance” has, for many ad-tech execs become the holy grail of advertising effectiveness. For AT&T’s Xandr, however, it is more than that. This September 16 to 18 in Santa Barbara, the company hosts its second Relevance Conference. In its first year, 2018, the conference effectively […]

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