CANNES — Retail media spending is surging, as more ad buyers turn on to the idea of being seen where commerce happens. But how exactly are the world’s leading CPG companies thinking about retail media when it comes to connected TV (CTV)?

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Aaron Sobol, Head of US Media Investment & Partnerships at Unilever, says Unilever works closely with various retail media networks as joint business partners to accelerate existing capabilities.

The company has connected retailers with its national video partners to bring together rich first-party shopper data and closed-loop measurement.

Convergence of Content, Shopper Data, and Closed-Loop Measurement

One of the most exciting innovations in connected TV, according to Sobol, is the convergence of high-quality content with shopper-based data and closed-loop measurement.

This convergence creates a new need for the industry to have multi-layered partnerships that connect retailers, partners, and brands.

Closed-loop measurement determines if an impression can be attributed to a sale. While it has been known for decades that advertising on TV can drive business outcomes, digital capabilities now allow for faster analysis of those outcomes and signals.

Unilever’s goal is to move from metrics to outcomes, as metrics matter, but the company wants to focus on the outcomes that will ultimately make them accountable for the growth needed to take their business to the next level.

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