LONDON, UK — When you offer your content across a huge swathe of platforms, how do you help your advertisers understand your offering?

Richard Brant, Sr. Director, Advanced TV, UK & International, Vevo, acknowledges: “That’s one of our biggest challenges.”

Speaking to me at Looking Ahead: TV in Europe 2025, a Beet.TV Leadership Summit, presented by Magnite & Publica, Brant explains how the music video provider is scaling up its ad approach to match its massive footprint.

From YouTube To Everywhere

Vevo is the music video distributor which, once upon a time, relied on YouTube for carriage.

Those days are gone. Now Vevo is carried on more than 30 devices and online platforms. It clocked more than five billion video views off YouTube in 2022.

“We’ve always been in the business of following the viewer, being as convenient as we can, and that diversifies our ability to monetize our inventory,” Brant says.

He suggests the solution lies in considering Vevo like a channel, irrespective of the platform it is being consumed on.

“It’s still the same content. There is still a full-screen ad opportunity there, and it’s really about considering us as a way by which to reach viewers the way they actually want to watch the content.”

Server-Level Transparency

Brant proudly shares Vevo’s impressive reach, which extends to “half the country every month in the UK,” with similar rates in other nations.

He attributes this success to the universal appeal of music.

But, while that kind of extension may sound challenging, Brant says Vevo is trying to find viewers the way they want to watch, and this sometimes necessitates complex mechanics to get the content to the TV screen.

He underscores Vevo’s commitment to transparency: “We are very open about what videos that people have been around. We are actually willing to give access to the ad server if they’re that interested in the kind of transparency of that.”

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