Vevo Aims To Help Advertisers Understand Its Enormous Footprint

LONDON, UK — When you offer your content across a huge swathe of platforms, how do you help your advertisers understand your offering? Richard Brant, Sr. Director, Advanced TV, UK & International, Vevo, acknowledges: “That’s one of our biggest challenges.” Speaking to me at Looking Ahead: TV in Europe 2025, a Beet.TV Leadership Summit, presented […]


Programmatic Advertising’s Role in Carbon Reduction: Magnite’s Selman

LONDON, UK — It’s not every day you can chalk up a “win-win”. But ad buyers’ quest for shorter programmatic supply chains may do the climate a favor. “The advertising industry’s quest for transparency and cost efficiency in the programmatic world has inadvertently unlocked a path towards sustainability,” Julie Selman, SVP, Head of EMEA, Magnite […]


Not All JICs Are Equal: Roku’s Chaibi Sees Global Measurement Diversity

LONDON, UK — In 2023, the US TV and advertising industries may have come together to form a Joint Industry Committee (JIC) to agree video currency standards for TV measurement companies. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the JIC will work on the same model as the European JICs that long preceded it. In fact, Laura […]


SSPs Must Evolve to Help Publishers Meet Needs of Modern Media Landscape: Magnite’s Buckley

LONDON, UK — In the last few years, we have seen media industry consolidation on the publisher side, as media owners grapple with digital transformation. But consolidation is also happening within ad-tech vendor relationships, as buyers reduce the number of partners they work with. In this fireside chat Beet.TV, Sean Buckley, Chief Revenue Officer, Magnite, […]


GroupM’s Thomas Hopes Amazon Prime Video Ads Can Light Up 2024

LONDON, UK — 2024 is shaping up to be a year of slow growth for TV advertising, even when you factor in the emergence of connected TV advertising. But Simon Thomas, Global Director, Audiences Research, GroupM, is keeping an eye on whether Amazon Prime’s forthcoming ad-supported tier can tempt buyers with its mix of programming and […]


From ‘TV’ To ‘Total Video’: RTL AdAlliance’s Coruble Sees Linear In Broad Media Mix

LONDON, UK — The fading picture of traditional TV may be clear to see – but Stéphane Coruble wants you to see the bigger picture. Coruble is CEO, RTL AdAlliance, a gateway representing pan-European TV and digital video ad sellers. RTL just published the thirtieth edition of its annual TV Key Facts, a compendium of […]


TV Ad Spend Under Pressure In 2024, But Brands Should Make Their Own Choices: Brian Wieser

LONDON, UK — The man once described as “Madison Avenue’s de facto chief economist” thinks 2024 will be an okay year for ad spend, even without the contribution from US elections. In 2023, Brian Wieser formed his own Madison and Wall advisory service after stints as a research analyst at Pivotal and global president at […]


Every Second Counts: Why TV Owners Should Measure Ad CPMs Per Second

LONDON, UK — In a world that seems to be speeding up, can TV operators make every second count? James Wilhite, VP of Product, Publica, thinks they should start measuring their TV ad sales success by the second. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Wilhite explains why. Understanding the importance of revenue per second With […]


Channel 4 Explores Ecommerce, FAST Future For TV Ads

LONDON, UK — British TV network Channel 4 is right in the middle of its Future4 strategy, which targets getting 30% of revenue from digital sources by 2025. The company was an early mover toward programmatic TV ad sales via its BVOD platform. And it has got closer to the retail media economy. Next up, […]


TV Has Nothing To Fear From Programmatic Ads: GroupM’s Camara

LONDON, UK — European broadcasters have been slower to adopt programmatic TV ad sales because they’re healthier linear businesses provided less of a motivator. But those broadcasters are overcoming traditional resistance to the digital ad trading technology, as more embrace connected TV advertising opportunities. That’s the view according to Ana Camara, Senior Director, Global Investment, […]