What is the future of media sales? Data, data and data.

According to one ad-tech exec, data and automation are poised to play a significant role.

Ben Tatta, Chief Commercial Officer of Operative, a software and services company focused on helping media companies simplify the business of advertising, shares his views in this video interview with Beet.TV.

Data and Automation: Unlocking New Possibilities

Tatta believes that the future of advertising is heavily reliant on data and automation. He says, “The role of data and automation is becoming increasingly important as advertisers and agencies look to achieve better results with their campaigns.

“Data-driven insights can help them better understand their audiences, create more targeted and relevant ad experiences and ultimately drive better outcomes.”

He goes on to elaborate, “Automation can help streamline the process, reduce costs and improve efficiency, allowing advertisers and agencies to focus on strategy and creative, rather than the operational aspects of managing campaigns.”

The Transformation of Television Advertising

Television advertising has long been a cornerstone of the industry, and Tatta sees significant opportunities for transformation in this space. “Television, in particular, is ripe for change. With advancements in data and automation, we’re seeing the rise of addressable TV, which allows advertisers to target specific households based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. This can lead to more relevant and engaging ad experiences for viewers and better outcomes for advertisers.”

He also notes that the shift to digital and streaming platforms has opened up new opportunities for advertisers: “As TV shifts from traditional linear broadcasts to digital and streaming platforms, we’re also seeing the emergence of new ad formats and capabilities, such as interactive ads, dynamic ad insertion, and programmatic buying. These innovations are making TV advertising more flexible, measurable, and effective.”

The Role of Technology and Collaboration

When asked about the role of technology in driving innovation in advertising, Tatta emphasizes the need for collaboration between industry players. “Technology is a key enabler of change in the advertising industry, but it’s important to recognize that it’s not a silver bullet. Collaboration between advertisers, agencies, media companies, and technology providers is critical to driving innovation and ensuring that the industry continues to evolve and meet the needs of all stakeholders.”

He also mentions the importance of interoperability and standardization in the industry: “Interoperability and standardization are crucial to the success of advertising in an increasingly complex and fragmented media landscape. By working together to develop common standards and protocols, we can create a more efficient and effective ecosystem that benefits everyone.”

Tatta previously worked with companies including Cablevision, 605 and Standard Media Index, which he left in 2022. Operative makes software solutions for media companies to sell advertising.

That includes AOS, a cloud-based solution to manage workflows; AOS Cloudcore, for normalizing cross-platform datasets; Operative.One, an ad management platform, and more.