Convergence of Ad Transactions Is Moving Forward: Paramount’s Michele Stone

LAS VEGAS – Television programming and advertising are being distributed through the internet with the advent of streaming video to connected devices. But the United States still has a significant broadcasting infrastructure of about 1,400 commercial TV stations. Their adoption of new technologies has been notoriously slow because spectrum is treated as a limited resource […]


Disparate Audience Metrics Challenge Media Companies: Estrella’s Christina Chung

LAS VEGAS – Media companies have more ways to reach audiences than ever before as broadband connectivity expands among screens of all sizes. These numerous channels – including free, ad-supported television (FAST) platforms – multiply the amount of viewership data. “With these FAST channels, there’s so many different platforms that have different ways of attaining […]


The Future of Advertising: Data And Automation Take Center Stage For Operative’s Tatta

What is the future of media sales? Data, data and data. According to one ad-tech exec, data and automation are poised to play a significant role. Ben Tatta, Chief Commercial Officer of Operative, a software and services company focused on helping media companies simplify the business of advertising, shares his views in this video interview […]


Demystifying Digital Is Key Step Local TV Ad Sales: Allen Media’s Michael Spiesman

LAS VEGAS – Local television is being transforming with digital technologies that are transforming their power as an advertising medium. It’s important that these technologies not be seen as a threat to salespeople who have worked in broadcasting for longer periods. “There’s been hesitancy on the part of a lot of salespeople to embrace digital,” […]


Post-Programmatic Publishers Need Platform Choice: Operative’s Van Kirk

If more publishers move away from selling their ads programmatically, what comes next? For Lindsay Van Kirk, the answer is openness. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the SVP Product Management, Operative, explains why tying together multiple channels and workflows is the only solution to modern media sales. Post-programmatic platforms Bloomberg Media previously announced it […]


Collaboration Is Key to Advancing TV Ad Ecosystem: 605’s Sam Abiad

LAS VEGAS – Consumers have more ways than ever before to watch their favorite television programming among a wide variety of devices and platforms. These behaviors are challenging advertisers to obtain a cohesive view of audiences they want to reach, and media measurement and attribution firm 605 is working to help them do so. “One […]


API OK: How Integration Can Solve Publishers’ Fragmentation Anxiety

It is an irony of the digital media age – so many opportunities, so much effort to attend to all of them. No wonder so many publishers end up feeling that selling ads in 2023 is like spinning plates. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Michael Grossi, CEO, Operative, offers a way out of the […]