NEW YORK – Comscore this week said it had struck a deal with Fox Television Stations to provide local TV broadcaster with audience data to support its growth in advanced advertising. Marketers will be able to improve their ad targeting based on more granular consumer data from Comscore.

“They [Fox] spent some time really digging in and getting comfortable with the data,” Carol Hinnant, chief revenue officer at Comscore, said in this interview at the Advanced Advertising Summit with Jon Watts, editorial director of Beet.TV Events. “That’s a very big relationship given that they are a top five provider of local stations.”

The announcement comes as the media marketplace evolves to support addressable advertising through linear and connected television channels. The pandemic spurred a significant shift in people’s viewing habits, pushing advertisers to change their strategies for reaching audiences.

“We’ve changed more in two years than we have in the last 20,” Hinnant said. “There are huge advancements and strides in both distribution and in what advertising can be.”

Comscore recently was chosen as a certified measurement partner of NBCUniversal as the media company and media buyers seek a way to better set the value of ad transactions.

Media measurement is expanding to include a broader set of data beyond age and gender, though measurement providers have different methods of gathering data and helping programmers and advertisers to understand their audiences.

“Out of all of the measurement providers in the space today, not one of them has the same definition of a television household,” Hinnant said.