In the latest programmatic move from DISH Media, advertisers can now buy national linear TV inventory through a real-time programmatic system.

The move, announced by DISH Media, is in partnership with ad insertion provider SeaChange and sell-side software provider Beachfront.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Marni Rommel, VP, Business Development, Beachfront, explains his vision.

New-wave buys

“We are allowing these cable companies the ability to buy programmatically in real-time in a way that they haven’t ever bought before,” Rommel says.

The offering is called National Linear Programmatic (NLP).

According to the announcement, it includes the “ability for demand-side to plan linear alongside their digital/over-the-top buys for a more holistic view and more control of their linear exposure”.

Features for experience

Beachfront offers an ad server, SSP and unified decisioning platform for publishers.

In the emerging world of connected TV and dynamic ad swap-outs, maintaining the “user experience” of traditional TV is important.

So Rommel says Beachfront has been working on improving its software’s capabilities around de-duplication and competitive ad separation – two features ad buyers say they need.

The company’s tooling can also apply identifiers to ad creatives, ensuring the same ad can be uniquely identified, even if it surfaces in duplicate.

Growth from Netflix

Beachfront is private equity-owned – something Rommel says gives it a leg-up.

“There’s no leakage of any sort of data,” she says.

Next-up, she is excited about the prospect of Netflix beginning advertising support.

“I think it’s just going drive so much more focus and so many more ad dollars,” she adds. “It’ll also help with the user experience.”

Rommel spoke at the Advanced Advertising Summit in New York. She was interviewed by Jon Watts, Editorial Director, Beet.TV Events.