Many in the industry think the new era of connected and advanced TV services and advertising capabilities also means as much pain from fragmentation as it does investment opportunity.

But Mali Moran also thinks the opposite could wind up being true.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Moran, Group VP, Product Strategy, Spectrum Reach, explains why.

Coming together

“In the world of consumer fragmentation, where we’ve got thousands of content sources and platforms with different ways that you can activate data, marketers historically have had to choose either sort of data-driven digital or less data-driven television, at least from a planning and execution standpoint,” Moran says.

“With data-driven television, we really have this huge opportunity to finally unify the TV marketplace and rid ourselves of that bifurcation.

Moran sees a world of “more scale, more efficacy and reduced friction”.

New frontiers

Spectrum Reach is Charter ad sales division, which has been wiring up a feature set including an app for better campaign planning, a portal for uploading and targeting TV ads and ad inventory across Spectrum News, the news service operating across New York areas.

The outfit started selling audience-based linear television through its audience several years ago and has since brought to market addressability on linear, on streaming and on digital, plus cross-platform measurement solutions.

In partnership with TVSquared and Blockgraph, the company has launched its first ever multi-screen deterministic attribution platform.

Blockgraph outcomes

“Blockgraph solves a lot of problems, both for us and for our clients, and most importantly for our clients,” Moran continues.

“Blockgraph is a peer-to-peer matching enabler so that we can match our de-identified aggregated first party data to other first party data in a privacy compliant way without a third party.

“And the benefits of that are really that now our clients can connect with us similarly.

“We’ve seen in working with Blockgraph two to three X match rates than we would in a traditional digital world, or in going through a third party.”

Outcome reporting

If any ad buyers are still skeptical about advanced TV advertising, Moran cites one example of a success.

“They’re a local retail furniture store that ran a multi-screen television campaign with Spectrum Reach in three markets,” she says.

“Through our partnership with Blockgraph and TVSquared, we were able to offer this client deterministic website attribution measurement.

“They ran their multi-screen campaign and we were able to report on them what type or the actual response rate in traffic to their website based on the ad exposures of their campaigns.”

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