Data-Driven TV Can Unify The Market: Spectrum Reach’s Moran

Many in the industry think the new era of connected and advanced TV services and advertising capabilities also means as much pain from fragmentation as it does investment opportunity. But Mali Moran also thinks the opposite could wind up being true. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Moran, Group VP, Product Strategy, Spectrum Reach, explains […]


Cross-Platform Frequency Capping Relies on Solid Metrics: ViacomCBS’s Travis Scoles

Millions of consumers are dividing their time spent with media among a wider range of devices and platforms. That behavior has challenged media buyers and sellers to quantify the reach, frequency and other indicators of advertising’s effect on business outcomes for marketers. ViacomCBS, whose media brands include channels such as CBS, MTV and Nickelodeon (along […]


Horizon’s Campanelli Sees New Dawn For Media Measurement

In a world where more ad buyers want to see demonstrable returns from their spend, new data-driven systems are giving agencies and brands optimism of a multi-currency future. Case in point – independent agency Horizon Media just issued a call to alternative media measurement suppliers. In this video interview with Beet.TV, David Campanelli, EVP, Chief Investment […]


Privacy Depends On Data Security: Comcast’s Midha

The ad industry now knows consumer privacy is the key imperative. But achieving that whilst nevertheless offering advertisers advanced targeting capabilities is a work in progress. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Comcast Advertising Chief Growth Officer Pooja Midha says realizing privacy plus capability depends on data quality. Privacy-first “When it comes to the safeguarding […]


Effectv’s Brauer Melds Different Data To Create Better Ad Outcomes

If trying to align digital and traditional media metrics has typically been like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, then the future of media measurement depends on the people who can make that happen. At Comcast Cable’s ad sales division Effectv, the watchword is all about “convergence” – aligning the old […]


Not So FAST?: Dentsu’s Stockton Weighs Merits Of Scale & Data

In a media environment this complex, it seems like planners can earn their crust again. With new viewing options supplanting linear, but coming with a host of fragmentation, agencies have a role in picking the right mix of capabilities and inventory value. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Brad Stockton, Dentsu’s SVP of US national […]


Flexible, Simplified Approach to Identity Will Solve TV Advertising Fragmentation: Blockgraph’s Manningham

Rocked by the withering of traditional ad identifiers, increasing privacy regulation, and increasingly fragmented audiences – advertisers are steadily regaining the ability to effectively use audience data across TV platforms. “Clean room” technology, through which media companies and advertisers connect and exchange data within the scope of privacy rules, are gathering pace. Once the domain of just […]