LONDON – When TV ads came in just one flavor, things were more straightforward.

Now that connected TV offers the possibility to target custom creatives at distinct micro-audiences, things are getting a little more complicated.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ben Regensburger, CEO of Peach, a TV ad creative distribution company, discusses the possible solutions.

Channels’ challenges

“We’ve had a sizeable increase in the amount of advertising spend that’s driven in converged TV and, as a result, a different set of challenges and complexities that have come with it,” Regensburger says.

1. The consequence of reach reduction

“The whole concept of TV has always been one on broad-scale reach. (In converged TV), the campaign sizes are obviously smaller, so as a result, you will have a much higher frequency of campaigns going on and that adds to a whole bunch of complexity in the workflow.”

2. Measurement

“How do you get to a common currency of both linear TV, addressable TV, video on demand? Many of these are running on different infrastructure sets.”

3. Creative complexity

“The creative complexity that’s being created with all the multi-version ad formats and campaigns that are running that need to be managed across different platforms with some in the linear context, in a demand context.”

Peach’s growth

Advanced TV twas ever thus – filled with new possibilities, but laced with challenges.

Regensburger thinks he may have the solution. Founded in London in 1996, his company offers software that helps manage the upload, re-size and re-use of TV video assets, including pushing creative to ad platforms or media owners and including an audit trail of activity.

The suite has integrations with thousands of platforms – including Sky, Channel 4, ITV, Discovery, YouTube and Adobe’s – plus an API for customers’ developers to write their own connections.

Automation’s importance

“The core of what we need to double down on is just getting scalability by automating as much of this as possible,” Regensburger adds.

“As you start having campaigns in the hundreds and thousands, and not in the double digits, doing this as a managed service just doesn’t work

“Having systems that scale is going to be one of the biggest challenges that the industry will have, especially when it comes to creative workflow.”

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