Technology Is Transforming Media Sales: Execs from Matrix Solutions, Hearst, Weather Group, Univision, Xumo, FreeWheel, Fox, Comcast

Television advertising sales are becoming increasingly automated as digital technologies transform the way marketers and media agencies run campaigns. Computerized auctions of video ad inventory have established a foothold in connected TV (CTV), and are expected to transform the broader television marketplace amid its technological evolution. Managing Sales Amid Complexity Mark Gorman, chief executive of […]


Separate Systems Aren’t Fit To Manage TV Ad Tsunami: Comcast Technology Solutions’ Nunn

Even as subscription OTT TV services go on growing, the rise of ad-funded TV platforms is producing a growing number of digital TV ads. For some in the industry, that is a blessing but also a curse. In this video interview with editorial advisor Jon Watts for Beet.TV, Comcast Technology Solutions’ VP and GM Richard […]


Upfronts Are Upgraded & Here To Stay: Fox’s Falco

A year and a half ago, the TV industry was talking about the end of the upfront, that annual season of pitches made by networks to ad buyers for year-ahead business. The new pandemic had startled brands, causing many to press the pause button on ad spending – particularly upfront ad buys. Fast-forward, however, and […]


SSP’s Add Value to Premium TV Inventory: FreeWheel’s Mark McKee

Providers of premium TV programming have more ways to reach audiences who are spending more time watching video on connected devices like smart TVs and mobile phones. The growth of connected TV (CTV) has added another layer of complexity to the advertising marketplace. “Our focus has always been around premium TV, and how do we […]


Univision’s Riess Urges All Brands to Invest in Spanish Language Media

U.S. Hispanics now comprise some 20 percent of the U.S. population, and it is the fastest growing consumer demographic sector. Advertisers who don’t participate in the Spanish-language media are missing an essential opportunity and losing return on their market spend, says Dan Riess, EVP and Chief Growth Officer of Univision in this interview with Beet.TV […]


How CTV Is Evolving: XUMO’s Jerrold Son

LOS ANGELES  – TV is evolving from a world that is roughly targeted by demographics and roughly measured by panels. It is becoming one that is precision-targeted to household and accurately measured by on-box data. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jerrold Son of ad-supported VOD service XUMO explains how the mechanics of connected TV […]


Post-Lockdown Inventory Constraint Is Tailwind For Weather Group’s Bekkedahl

Now that the clouds over the media industry are parting as COVID-19 lockdown constraints ease, industry watchers are trying to forecast the chances of an uptick. For The Weather Group, the near future is about a steady bounce-back fueled by recovery, SVoD and a culture change. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Barbara Bekkedahl, president […]


Hearst Leans On Partner Tech To Smoothe Complexity: Lustgarten

If connected TV technology seems to make it easy to target TV ads at individual households, well, tell that to the people charged with making the spaghetti soup of a system work together. As powerful as CTV can be, a common complaint is that it remains too complex. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Al […]


Tentpole Events Drive Live Viewership of Hispanic Audiences: Univision’s Dan Riess

Spanish-language television giant Univision is undergoing a significant transformation amid a merger with Mexico’s Televisa and plans for a global expansion into streaming video. During today’s UpFront sales presentation, Univision is showcasing its live viewership and upcoming tentpole events. “We’re talking primarily about growth, and the concept of growing with Univision. It’s a unique promise […]


Matrix Solutions’ Gorman Sees Gateway To Media’s Future

In a hectic world of media convergence, publishers and TV networks face a challenge – as they seek out the opportunities in new platforms, they also create administrative overhead and complexity. That is why the ecosystem of software designed to help them is so rich. One vendor of such software has been operating since 1992 […]