Welcome to this episode of the #BeetCast

In this episode, I am very happy to welcome our good friend and industry leader Sean Cunnigham, CEO of the VAB, previously known as the Video Advertising Bureau. The VAB is the essential advertising industry organization for the television programmers, networks and the entire TV industry.

An ad man in previous life, Sean has been at the helm of the organization for 18 years and has seen a lot of changes.

Probably none as dramatic as what is happening now with the big switch to audience-based buying versus age and demo.  Sean and his team have been guiding the industry through this transition.  In this interview,  speaks  to the big changes in TV ad investment and what it all means from recent market research.

Sean also addresses the value and shortcomings of panels and the problems with accuracy of the Nielsen ratings during the pandemic.  He says the industry expects transparency and hopes the Nielsen will fix the problems which largely remain.

A great conversation.  Thank you Sean for this insightful interview.  And thanks for your friendship and support for Beet.TV

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And thank you for listening.  I hope you enjoy the episode.