Converged addressable TV advertising is now a reality that advertisers can take advantage of today.

But, to make the opportunity truly soar, the new-look TV industry needs to work on harmonizing the way such ads are bought.

That is the view of Kristine Bayles, Vice President of Advanced Advertising Sales at ‎AMC Networks.

Reforming the ‘wild west’

In this video interview with Beet.TV senior adviser Jon Watts, Bayles sees the growth of addressable, which allows advertisers to target individual households, as familiar chaos.

“I was on the agency side with digital (advertising) was just starting to come up,” she recalls. “And it was truly the wild, wild west. There were no programmers that offered it the same from an operational standpoint. That was different, too. It was very confusing to buy. It was hard to understand there’s no checks and balances.

“The IAB came in, it brought everything together and really unified the industry to allow digital to scale. And I foresee the same thing happening with national addressable.”

Going addressable

Many conventional TV platforms have, in recent years, lit up addressable ad opportunities.

Alongside, apps and over-the-top (OTT) services are enabling connected TV (CTV) with digital-style TV ad opportunities.

AMC Networks launched its first national addressable campaign in late 2020. Now 30% of its linear viewership is addressable.

The prizes for advertisers include household targeting, frequency capping and digital-style measurement.

But Bayles thinks work is needed.

Standards for scale

“We need to standardise and solve for measurement,” she says. “We need to figure out how to do holistic measurement and unified measurement with this.

“If they are standards, we’ll be able to scale addressable much quicker.”

Bayles draws a parallel with financial services, where the banking sector has a range of standardized practices for engaging with its customers.

“Every industry has standards,” she argues. “These standards are really just going to enable us to work with our clients and other programmers in a much more seamlessly seamless way.”

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