It’s been nearly 2 years since many of us gathered in Cannes.  I wish we were going back next month, sadly  we’re not.   We’ll be there next year.

But the conversation around the pace of creativity and innovation and change remains constant, if not accelerated.

Marking the two years since Cannes, we are doing a very exciting program with GroupM and the 4A’s.  We are convening a global forum on Responsible Media on June 23.

The virtual event will explore the future of media as being responsible and sustainable with some 30 speakers from the WPP/GroupM agencies, media, brands and technology companies.

The program takes its lead from the Responsible Media investment initiative from GroupM.   The initiative was announced last month by Kirk McDonald, CEO of GroupM NA.

Kirk is today’s guest on the BeetCast.  He explains the imperative for the responsible media program and other projects aimed to boost under represented voices.

We also go deep on WPP’s new agency called Choreograph and plans to drive unified user identity across its global network.

In our chat, he shares his hopes for the conversations during  the June 23 Responsible Media Forum.

The Global Forum is sponsored by IBM Watson Advertising, MediaMath, Nielsen, PubMatic,

The event will be streamed live on LinkedIn Live, Twitter and YouTube.  It will be free and will not require a registration.   You can find more details in the days ahead on Beet.TV and via the hash tag #ResponsibleMedia or sign up for event updates here.

Thanks Kirk for joining us today and for all your years of  leadership and for your support and friendship.  Very much appreciated.

Thanks to the podcast sponsor, Mediaocean.

And thank you for joining us.  I hope you enjoy this episode.