Delighted to have Scott Schiller on this episode of the BeetCast.

Scott is a media pioneer, leader and  teacher. Many of you know him from his role at NBC Universal as Executive VP of Advertising. He is a former chairman of the IAB.

Presently,  Scott serves as Global Chief Commercial Officer of the ENGINE Group, a global advertising and marketing services firm.

In addition to his “day job,” For the past four years, Scott taught media studies to undergrads at New York University.

In our chat he explains  how much  he enjoys teaching and speaks to  the value of being connected to his students to better understand attitudes and trends.

Scott talks about the big transformation in television, the changing  make-up of the  UpFronts, the growth of programmatic  in TV and the role of private marketplaces.

Finally,  he calls on his colleagues in the media industry to embrace change.  Great conversation.

About the BeetCast and Our Next Season! 

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It has really grown in influence and popularity and  I really enjoyed doing it.    It was Andre’s idea for a podcast and I am forever grateful to him!

A special thanks to our podcast producer E. James Ford.

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