Upfronts Will Expand Programmatic Ad Inventories: GroupM’s Esra Bacher

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Advertisers are demanding greater flexibility in their media plans as rapid shifts in consumer behaviors and business conditions affect their strategies. As much as marketers want the assurance that their ads will appear at specific times during a linear television programming schedule, they also want reach the growing number of […]


Flexible & United: Quigley-Simpson’s Fremont On Marketing’s 2021 Lessons

It has been a few years of tremendous disruption, in both the business and social environment and in the way marketers must adapt to changing media consumption dynamics. How can they best respond? By uniting their previously disparate business strategies and thinking on their feet, according to one veteran marketing agency leader. In this video […]


Scott Schiller to the TV Industry: “Be Open to Change, Be Ready, There Are No Sacred Cows”

Delighted to have Scott Schiller on this episode of the BeetCast. Scott is a media pioneer, leader and  teacher. Many of you know him from his role at NBC Universal as Executive VP of Advertising. He is a former chairman of the IAB. Presently,  Scott serves as Global Chief Commercial Officer of the ENGINE Group, […]


Beyond The Device Graph: ENGINE’s Schiller On Targeted Ads

If you were to chart their rise, graphs are having a moment. Over the last few years, we have heard of “the social graph” and of “identity graphs”. Now there is another piece of infrastructure that has entered the ad industry lexicon – the “device graph”. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Scott Schiller, chief […]


IAB Focus On Brands An ‘Inflection Point’ For Industry: NBCUniversal’s Scott Schiller

PALM SPRINGS, Calif – The Internet Advertising Bureau’s focus on brands at the 2018 Annual Leadership Conference marks an inflection point for the organization and all of advertising and media, according to NBCUniversal’s Scott Schiller. That it’s happening now “is a perfect setting for us to really focus on how do we bring brands closer […]


NBCU Focuses on Custom Content for Brands, Scott Schiller explains

It’s become fashionable in some circles to say TV is dead, but perhaps the definition of TV is dead, says Scott Schiller, EVP and General Manager Ad Sales and Marketing at NBC Universal, in this interview with Beet.TV. Instead, NBCU is focused on showcasing to brand partners its multiplatform approach to marketing content, he says. The media giant has […]